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Edinburgh celebrates saltire success

​​​​​​​A book written by an English Literature and Book History scholar has won a prestigious Saltire Society Award.  

Professor Tom Mole, Director of the University’s Centre for the History of the Book, picked up the accolade for Research Book of the Year.

His book, What the Victorians Made of Romanticism, examines how the popular media of the Victorian era sustained and transformed the reputations of Romantic writers. 

I’m delighted to have won this award, and very pleased that the Saltire Society and the National Library of Scotland are supporting historical research.

Professor Tom MoleProfessor of English Literature and Book History, and Director of the Centre for the History of the Book

Romantic writing

The book explores the works of eminent Romantic writers, such as Lord Byron, Sir Walter Scott and William Wordsworth.

Professor Mole shows how illustrated books reinvigorated Romantic writing, and how preachers incorporated them into their sermons.

His book also explains how statues and memorials integrated Romantic writers into the national consciousness

Esteemed awards

The Saltire Literary Awards are widely regarded as Scotland’s most prestigious book prizes.

They are organised by the Saltire Society, a non-political independent charity founded in 1936 which celebrates Scottish creativity.

Supported by Creative Scotland, the awards celebrate literary and academic excellence across six distinct categories.

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