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Expert warns of hearing-loss diagnosis crisis

Failures at NHS Lothian's hearing service for children has caused an emergency situation in the area, according to an Edinburgh researcher.

Firms inflate green energy claims, study finds

Widespread use of renewable energy certificates – bought by companies to underscore their green credentials – is masking corporate inaction on carbon emissions, research suggests.

Historian receives German Non-Fiction Prize

An ‘excellently researched and brilliantly narrated’ book by an Edinburgh historian has won the German Non-Fiction Prize 2022.

Graduate Show unleashes future creative talent

A montage of a selection of student work from the ECA Degree show 2022
The highly anticipated Edinburgh College of Art Graduate Show is back as a campus event after a two-year break because of the pandemic.

Study sheds light on life beyond Rome’s frontier

Archaeologists from Edinburgh have discovered more than 100 Iron Age settlements in south-west Scotland that date from the time of Roman occupation.

Hub ignites creative spark to drive social change

A new initiative that will use the arts and creativity to promote social justice in communities has been launched.

Future fashion talent shines at St James Quarter

Five models pose in student fashion garments
Stunning designs drawing upon a dizzying array of influences including wild gardens, 18th century corsetry and the Scottish landscape are among the collections at this year’s Edinburgh College of Art Fashion Show.

Experts support new tool promoting tourism

A new tool to help visitors and residents enjoy the East Lothian coastline and avoid overcrowding and queues has been created by Edinburgh experts and Visit East Lothian.

College success in REF2021

View of 50 George Square and David Hume Tower
The College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences (CAHSS) returned 1,130 staff across 20 Units of Assessment. 86 % of our submission was assessed as being world-leading or internationally excellent.

Art historian honoured by French Government

An Edinburgh art historian has been honoured with the highest cultural award in France for his outstanding commitment to the country’s art.

Costumes command centre stage at dazzling show

Magnificent costumes from classic children’s books, The Box of Delights and a Stephen King novel are among the creations being showcased by Edinburgh College of Art students.

Online course runs through brain health benefits

Exercising regularly improves brain health as much as physical fitness, say experts launching a programme to boost performance and wellbeing.

Pupils boost fitness and memory from exercise

Schoolchildren who run or walk for 15 minutes a day during the school day are mentally and physically sharper than those who do not, a study suggests.

Book prize shortlist shares inspiring stories

Montage of eight book authors and book covers.
An absorbing blend of books offering fresh takes on themes such as the intricacies of relationships, cultural identity and journeys of self-discovery form the shortlist of Britain’s longest-running literary prizes

Spin-out promotes benefits of language learning

More people around the world are set to be supported and encouraged to speak more than one language thanks to the success of an Edinburgh initiative.

Sign language glossary aims to widen tech access

Experts at Edinburgh have helped to produce a sign language glossary for deaf people who are engaged in digital technology.

Childhood trauma linked to risk of adult crime

People who have suffered extreme difficulties in childhood are more likely to commit crimes as adults than those who have not, a study suggests.

Gallery scheme supports fresh creative talent

5 people stand looking to camera in front of an old building
Five artists are taking up residencies as part of a Talbot Rice Gallery programme to nurture a new wave of artistic talent. 

Patient care aided by shared staff perspectives

Enabling healthcare teams to consider the range of professional perspectives held by colleagues can help improve patient outcomes, research shows.

French artist’s work is turn-up for the books

Enchanting, contemplative works by a French book artist widely acclaimed in her homeland have been acquired by the University.

Digital fixes can help creative sector flourish

Data experts are being encouraged to help the creative industries find hi-tech solutions to a range of digital challenges.

Spy novel brief gives author a licence to thrill

Creative writing lecturer Kim Sherwood has accepted a mission to die for … reimaging one of spy fiction’s most celebrated characters.

Country houses research inspires medal success

An Edinburgh student has received a prestigious medal for insightful research into representations of national identity in 18th-century Scottish country houses

Auld Lang Syne ritual lodged in Scotland’s past

It is a custom observed worldwide by millions every New Year … now research has uncovered why revellers link arms when they sing Auld Lang Syne.

Study shows how news shapes humanitarian aid

Media coverage of humanitarian crises can increase governments’ allocation of emergency aid — whether or not the crisis merits it, a study suggests.

Trump and Thunberg share storytelling skills

The views of Donald Trump and Greta Thunberg may differ on climate change but their speeches on the issue have more in common than people might think, a study suggests.

Covid survey can help young lives, experts say

Parents of children with intellectual disabilities are sharing their lockdown experiences with researchers so families can be better supported in future.

Project to build trust in autonomous machines

Shannon Vallor - Technomoral Futures
Edinburgh researchers are to play a leading role in scrutinising how systems that put machines in charge of making decisions can be made trustworthy and responsible.

Winter literary festival aglow with tales of belief

Illuminating stories of belief and spirituality are to be celebrated at Scotland’s first religious literary festival, organised by the world-renowned School of Divinity at the University.

Scholar helps solve mystery of rare lost text

Specialists in French medieval literature have discovered two rare manuscript fragments that were hidden in one of Europe’s oldest libraries.

Institute to uncover scale of child sexual abuse

Human Dignity Foundation, a private funder focused on children’s rights, is establishing an independent global data institute for child safety at the University of Edinburgh.

£9.5m project gives pupils a sense of data power

A world-leading initiative that brings the latest smart technology into classrooms has been launched to help pupils prepare for a data-driven future.

Baby loss doubles risk of anxiety and depression

Women who have experienced the loss of a child through miscarriage or early in the child’s life are more than twice as likely to suffer from depression as those who did not, a study suggests.

Festival aims to up Gaelic’s profile in Capital

Experts whose research highlights the benefits of speaking more than one language are to launch Edinburgh’s annual Gaelic Festival.

Research boost award for international links

Sixteen College academics have been announced as recipients of a Royal Society of Edinburgh grant for developing research and to foster international links.

Choir that transforms lives extends its range

A project that showcases the mental health benefits of singing together is being extended to support people who have experienced racism.

Byron exhibits highlight poet’s ties to Greece

Prized personal effects from the poet Lord Byron’s last, ill-fated trip to Greece have gone on display at the University.

Patchwork banners add colour to skyline for COP26

Two vibrant patchwork banners have been created by faith communities in Scotland to send a message of support for tackling the climate crisis.

Research festival spotlights pressing issues

The secrets to long lasting relationships, discussions around diet choices, and the environmental benefits of seaweed are among the topics to be explored at a major research showcase.

Data can help football up its game, study shows

Smart analysis of football-related data can help the Scottish game build back better from the pandemic, a study suggests.

Covid threatens creative diversity, study finds

Creative workforces risk becoming even less diverse after the pandemic unless there are significant efforts to boost equality and inclusion, research shows.

Positive teacher relationships may reduce crime

Young people who have a good relationship with their teacher in childhood are less likely to engage in anti-social behaviour in adolescence, a study says.

Social context is key to Covid testing success

Clearer understanding is needed of the social factors that influence participation rates in Covid-19 testing programmes, research suggests.

Visionary research celebrated with Fellowships

Composite image of the six academics who received the government fellowship.
Six Edinburgh academics have been announced as recipients of a government fellowship to propel research tackling global challenges and to bring innovative ideas to market.  

Seminars spotlight subjects’ shared language

Secondary pupils are being invited to explore the similarities between language learning and mathematical problem solving in seminars involving Edinburgh experts.

Electrifying tales claim UK’s oldest book awards

James Tait Black 2021 Literary award winners
A memoir of a woman obsessed with an 18th-century noblewoman and a story of self-discovery fuelled by an infatuation with a forgotten Black modernist poet have won the UK’s longest-running literary awards.

Asia experts urge better post-Covid labour deal

Politicians in South Asia should act swiftly to better protect labour rights during the Covid-19 pandemic, Edinburgh research suggests.

Fringe show is sure to keep audience engaged

It sounds like just the ticket for anyone who has ever felt a little short changed by a Fringe performance.

Captivating show allows creative talent to shine

Hannah Farthing - MA Illustration
The next generation of artistic and design talent is showcasing its inspired creations in the annual Edinburgh College of Art’s Masters Show.

St James Quarter celebrates local fashion talent

Isabella Gutierrez - The Second Skin
Five Edinburgh College of Art fashion students have been recognised by a suite of new prizes set up to nurture fresh design talent

Campaign puts world-changing ideas into action

A campaign has been launched to help ensure that College-based research has even greater real-world impact.

Stage all set for return of festivals buzz

A captivating array of events is taking place on campus as the University reaffirms its commitment to Edinburgh’s summer festivals.

Artwork extends hand of friendship post-Brexit

An artwork resounding to the strains of Auld Lang Syne in 28 languages will lament the UK’s departure from the EU.

£7m study seeks green boost for city health

Innovative ways in which nature can help reduce health inequalities in cities will be the focus of a £7.1 million study.

Digital survey puts skills claims to the test

People who have completed digital skills training are being invited to take part in research that gauges its effectiveness.

Edinburgh College of Art welcomes Book Festival

University students, staff and alumni are joining a stellar line up that celebrates brilliant writing and bold ideas at Edinburgh International Book Festival.

Tartan honouring nursing is woven with gratitude

A tartan incorporating the colours of Scotland’s national nurse uniform has been created by nursing students and is the first of its kind to celebrate the profession.

Achievements celebrated in College awards

The College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences community joined to celebrate and showcase the achievements of many outstanding colleagues at a virtual awards ceremony.  

£3.8m bid to ease despair of eating disorders

Innovative approaches to research will seek to transform the way eating disorders are understood and treated in adolescents.

Running to music helps combat mental fatigue

Listening to music while running might be the key to improving people’s performance when they feel mentally fatigued a study suggests

Hi-tech tool prompts hope of virtual assistants fluent in Gaelic

Speech recognition software developed by Edinburgh researchers is helping to ensure that Scotland’s ancient language has a place in the modern technological landscape.

Graduate Show unleashes wave of creative talent

Sarah Ogilvie still life
Evocative and inventive artworks from more than 400 graduating Edinburgh College of Art students are being shared with a global audience via a virtual graduate show and a smaller on campus exhibition. 

Cultural store house enjoys online makeover

People using a Scottish cultural resource that features a wealth of material collected by Edinburgh researchers can enjoy an enriched experience.

Researchers examine workplace equality legislation

Edinburgh researchers are partnering with two UK universities to produce a comprehensive history of key workplace equality legislation.

Walkabout app sheds light on climate concerns

Help is at hand for anyone who finds the enormity of climate change just a little too hard to grasp.

St James Quarter supports rising fashion stars

l-r designs by sophie walton, skye bending, yige zhou
A dynamic new wave of fresh design talent is showcasing its creations at one of the fashion world’s biggest events for emerging stars.

Climate experts help lead £30M emission removal project

Experts in carbon capture and climate law are to play a leading role in a £30 million project to develop ways of removing greenhouse gases from the atmosphere.

Vivid shortlist shares journeys of discovery

Vivid shortlist shares journeys of discovery
A compelling collection of books exploring themes such as identity, belonging and the challenges of self-discovery form the shortlist of Britain’s longest-running book awards.

‘Think like Da Vinci’ to take on climate change

Teaching schoolchildren to adopt the same approach as Leonardo Da Vinci could help them to tackle pressing global challenges, research suggests.

Gallery show awakens post-Covid possibilities

Anca Benera and Arnold Estefan. The Delusion of the Commons.  3D printed model. Pictured – James Clegg, Curator at Talbot Rice
Arresting artworks inspired by the ‘wake-up call’ of Covid-19 are the focus of a University exhibition that addresses pressing global concerns.

Leading scientists awarded €5M of EU funding

Prestigious European funding awards to advance the work of world-leading researchers have been made to two Edinburgh academics.

Care home study highlights Covid‘s mental toll

Covid-related restrictions have caused mental distress to three out of four people who have relatives in care homes, a study shows.

Beach combers make their mark in gallery show

People living near Scotland’s vulnerable coasts can add to a growing archive of objects that will feature in an upcoming exhibition.

Musical time machine recreates lost performance

inside linlithgow palace virtually
Virtual reality and ground-breaking acoustic techniques are being used to recreate historical music performances that took place more than half a millennium ago.

College Professors become Royal Society Fellows

Five professors from the College of Humanities and Social Sciences have been named as Royal Society of Edinburgh Fellows.

Infants’ language more advanced than first words

Babies can recognise combinations of words even before they have uttered their first word, a study suggests, challenging ideas of how children learn language.

Exhibit honours ladies who launched bold plan

It was a daring philanthropic endeavour conceived in the so-called Athens of the North … but, just like Edinburgh’s ill-fated Parthenon, its lofty ambition remained unfulfilled.

Key study gauges Covid’s impact on young lives

Covid-19’s impact on children and young people with intellectual disabilities is to be assessed in a UK-wide study.

Video series helps book initiative make its mark

Engaging online content produced at Edinburgh is supporting a literacy and numeracy initiative that strengthens links between home and school learning.

Hi-tech plan helps music groups hit right note

Four leading music organisations are seeking the support of tech-savvy entrepreneurs who can help them reach new audiences.

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