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Historical musical innovator awarded science prize

A researcher who uses gaming technology to recreate historical music performances has won the University’s annual prize for raising public interest in science.

Trust in NHS advice key to Covid vaccine uptake

People’s trust in the NHS was linked to increased uptake of the Covid-19 vaccine during the pandemic, a study suggests.

Edinburgh secures £24 million boost for AI innovation

The University is set to establish two research hubs that will focus on developing AI tools to help revolutionise the fields of electronics and healthcare.

Extreme weather influencing mortgage payments

When cyclones and floods hit populated areas, people’s ability to pay their mortgage differs depending on the type and intensity of the extreme weather, research suggests.

Shipwrecks offer insights into subsea ecology

Monitoring marine life around shipwrecks can provide scientists with a trove of data to better understand changing underwater environments, research suggests.

Experts urge global action on child sex offences

The global nature of child sexual exploitation and abuse demands it be treated as an international public health emergency, a landmark report suggests.

Projects using data for good awarded medals

A group of Edinburgh academics whose research has shed light on global questions have been honoured by the Royal Society of Edinburgh.

Screen team plays starring role in £75.6m deal

The UK’s burgeoning screen and performance industries are to be boosted by a major research and development initiative involving University experts.

LinkedIn triggers feelings of imposter syndrome

The use of professional social networking sites such as LinkedIn can stir up feelings of self-doubt, research suggests.

Events shed light on portrayals of belief in books

New College Edinburgh
Acclaimed speakers will explore the relationship between literature and many aspects of belief at a festival hosted by the University’s world-renowned School of Divinity.

Lifelong wellbeing is research festival focus

Robots as carers, the impact of reading on wellbeing, and the secrets of healthy relationships are among topics being explored at a major research showcase.

Hands-on artwork grapples with ideas of beauty

An art installation based on Edinburgh-led research is to feature in a major exhibition that challenges established ideals of beauty.

Rousing events explore the joy of sound

Xenia Pestova Bennett by Cath Du Puy
The power of sound is to be celebrated at the first UK-based UNESCO Week of Sound, organised in partnership with the University.

Champions of book prizes to share their craft

A visiting writers programme has been launched to celebrate the stellar line-up of authors recognised by the UK’s longest-running literary awards.

Welfare supporters better informed than sceptics, study suggests

people walking outside a job centre
People who support greater state involvement in delivering services know more about economics and welfare provision than those favouring smaller government, research suggests.

Sound installation brings historic story to life

A new installation at Edinburgh Castle will take visitors on a sound walk through the historic site to map Scotland’s involvement in the creation of Zimbabwe’s streetscapes.

Power trip promises to be journey of discovery

Banana phone
Thought-provoking questions about the dynamics of leadership will shape a season of University events seeking to engage people on pressing socio-political challenges.

Digital crime fight carries risk, experts say

Digital advertising and surveillance tools are giving UK law enforcement agencies ‘powerful and potentially risky’ new capacities to influence the public, research suggests.

Students’ creativity flourishes at Graduate Show

ECA grad show august
A new generation of design and artistic talent are set to reveal their stand out creations at the celebrated Edinburgh College of Art’s Graduate Show.

Sign language glossary goes for green growth

Experts at Edinburgh have helped created a glossary of environmental terms to make climate science and biodiversity research more accessible to deaf people.

New music research volunteer database launched

Professor Katie Overy, Reid School of Music, is collaborating with Dr Judith Okely, Psychology, Edinburgh Napier University, to set up a nationwide music research volunteer database.

Milestone book festival shares a joy of words

People sit on a bench outdoors next to a giant pile of books at Edinburgh International Book Festival
University students, staff and alumni are part of a line-up of exceptional events as Edinburgh International Book Festival celebrates its 40th anniversary.

Campus is centre stage as festival buzz returns

Edinburgh’s campus is yet again playing a pivotal role in the dazzling arts extravaganza that transforms the city every August.

Fan survey upbeat about Scotland women’s team

Edinburgh-led research into football fans’ engagement with the Scotland Women’s National Team (SWNT) reveals growing positivity towards the side and the match-day experience.

Tales of grit and glamour win oldest book awards

headshots and book jackets of Barbara Kings Solver and Darryl Pinckney
A reimagining of Charles Dickens’ David Copperfield and a memoir about the New York literary scene in the 1970s and 1980s have won the UK’s longest-running literary awards.

British Academy recognises academic talent

External shot of British Academy building
Two University of Edinburgh academics have been elected Fellows of The British Academy.

History expert thrives in the art of gaming

An Edinburgh art historian has helped build an immersive, digital recreation of ninth century Baghdad for a bestselling video game series.

Art shows offer fresh takes on marginalised lives

The artist pointing to her sculpture on the wall.
Compelling artworks by major artists, which detail lives lived on the margins, are being showcased in three University exhibitions.

Acclaimed author is latest Writer in Residence

Award-winning poet and author Michael Pedersen has been appointed as the newest Writer in Residence at the University of Edinburgh.

Leading publisher launches open access initiative

Edinburgh University Press has announced a new Open Access initiative to support authors in the College and to help ensure their books reach the widest possible audience.

Fellowships recognise College research talent

A group of outstanding early career researchers have been awarded one of the University of Edinburgh’s most prestigious fellowships.

Archive voices offer a renewed sense of Scotland’s past

a woman getting a book from a bookshelf
Haunting sound and video installations inspired by archive recordings spanning 70 years are offering exhibition audiences fresh perspectives on Scotland’s rich oral tradition.

Graduate Show celebrates fresh creative spirits

ECA Graduate Show 2023 montage
The bold and creative spirit of more than 550 Edinburgh College of Art students is being showcased at the highly-anticipated Graduate Show 2023.

Book prize shortlist is a time-travelling feast

James Tait Black - collage 2023
A compelling collection of books offering inspirational takes on themes such as belonging, travelling across borders and overcoming personal struggles form the shortlist of Britain’s longest-running literary prizes.

Event highlights jailed wildlife experts’ plight

An event co-hosted by an Edinburgh researcher is to focus on Iran’s threatened wildlife and the vital work of its environmental scientists.

Experts assess Covid’s effect on children’s sport

Data science specialists are supporting efforts to gauge how Covid-19 has impacted on young people’s involvement in sport and exercise.

Fashion talent sparkles at St James Quarter

group of models stand in a line, with calton hill in the background
Magnificent designs drawing upon an eclectic array of influences including the Hebrides, dissected bodies and Lord of the Flies are set to feature in this year’s Edinburgh College of Art Fashion Show.

Stunning costumes revealed at spectacular show

L-R – Tributary – Orinoco – Chicken Run – Ink Death
Magical costumes inspired by The Wombles, the film Chicken Run and a Stephen King novel are among the creations being showcased by Edinburgh College of Art students.

AI initiative gives Gaelic a foothold in the digital age

Mature man catches up with some work on his laptop whilst in his campervan in the Scottish Highlands
Linguists and Artificial Intelligence specialists are embarking on an ambitious programme designed to help Scottish Gaelic flourish in the digital age.

Experts assess demand for kerbside mini parks

University experts are gauging if there is public support for plans to transform kerbside parking spaces into mini-parks with benches and planters.

Music could be key to curbing cybersickness

Listening to music could reduce the dizziness, nausea and headaches virtual reality users might experience after using digital devices, research suggests.

Team honoured with esteemed Royal Society medal

A team of experts have been recognised for their exceptional achievements in peace and conflict research.

Tech team helps music duo find their bearings

Backing from a University-led tech support initiative has helped an Edinburgh-based start-up beat the drum for Scottish innovation at a global showcase event.

Commonwealth event spotlights power of sport

A team of experts from Edinburgh are supporting an initiative to promote the role of sport in addressing some of society’s biggest challenges.

Scientists take steps to tackle women’s rugby injuries head on

Injury prevention measures designed to boost male rugby players’ resilience are to be reassessed so they can better support the women’s game.

Artworks invite us to weigh up debt’s burdens

Thought-provoking works by artists from four continents feature in a university exhibition offering wide-ranging perspectives on the crushing effects of debt.

Climate change concern reduces support for gas

The public’s concerns about climate change could reduce support for natural gas as an alternative fuel source, research suggests.

Covid rule fines peaked in latter stages of lockdown

Most fines for Covid rule breaches were issued when England was in its third national lockdown and Wales was in its second, research shows.

Exercise helps mental health in pre-teen years

Regular physical activity can improve adolescents’ mental health and help with behavioural difficulties, research suggests.

Violence was widespread in early farming society

Violence and warfare were widespread in many Neolithic communities across Northwest Europe, a period associated with the adoption of farming, new research suggests.

Lower voting age boosts participation in elections

Younger first-time voters in Scotland retain a habit of voting in elections and participate in greater numbers than older first-time voters, a study suggests.

Young people want trustworthy mental health apps

Young people may not be receiving the mental health support they need because of a lack of trust in the smartphone apps that deliver such services, a study suggests.

Edinburgh Professors to lead AHRC Programme on AI

Two Edinburgh researchers will lead a project to ensure artificial intelligence (AI) and data are used responsibly and ethically across society and industry.

Social media aids quest for beauty perfection

Influencers on social media have contributed to an uptake of people using cosmetic procedures to enhance their appearance, research suggests.

Elite sport linked with osteoarthritis risk

Competing at elite level in sport is linked with an increased risk of developing osteoarthritis and joint pain in later life, a study suggests.

Experts urge action on medical test kit waste

Spiralling use of throwaway medical testing kits is having a major environmental impact that must be urgently addressed, experts say.

Health experts target ambitious Olympic goals

Sports scientists and medical researchers from Edinburgh are to jointly lead an initiative focused on athlete health and injury prevention at elite level.

Artists reflect on how we honour the past

Shining a light on Qiu Zhijie's painting
Arresting artworks that explore how people’s remembrances of the past are more fragile than they often appear are being showcased at the University.

App taps into distant past in bid to aid tolerance

An Edinburgh heritage expert has helped create a digital education resource that seeks to promote tolerance by reframing how Britain’s ancient past is taught.

Gene study identifies DNA variants linked to dyslexia

Scientists have for the first time pinpointed a large number of genes that are reliably associated with dyslexia.

Green spaces in cities linked to crime risk, a study shows

Maintaining green parks and gardens in cities has the potential to lower the risk of crime, research suggests.

Festival shines a light on books and belief

New College festival books and belief
Acclaimed authors, writers and speakers will explore belief from a range of perspectives at a literary festival organised by the University’s world-renowned School of Divinity.

Tech start-ups urged to contact analysts early

Start-up ventures providing services to technology companies should engage with business analysts early and strategically to maximise their chances of success, research suggests.

Experts assess digital impact on Muslim lives

How digital technology is shaping European Muslims’ views on a range of faith-related issues will be the focus of an Edinburgh-led research project.

Research hub for student mental health launched

A new network to boost research into student mental health and wellbeing in Scotland has been launched.

Music in childhood boosts brains in later life

Taking up a musical instrument in childhood and adolescence is associated with improved thinking skills in older age, research shows.

Pitch perfect tales win James Tait Black Prizes

Montage of headshots of authors Keith Ridgway and Amit Chaudhuri and their book covers
A journey into Indian classical music by an author, performer and vocalist and an interweaving series of vignettes set in south London have won the UK’s longest-running literary awards.

Graduate show aglow with students creative spark

Jiarong Yu’s Design Informatics portfolio is based on the group project ‘Crowd Reality’ which takes inspiration from the digital
A new stream of design and artistic talent are revealing their fresh creations at the celebrated Edinburgh College of Art’s Graduate Show.

Experts take long view to aid Olympians’ health

Health experts from Edinburgh have launched a global research initiative to better understand how injury and illness affects Olympic athletes during, and after, their sporting careers.

Historian unearths hidden Van Gogh self-portrait

A previously unknown Vincent van Gogh painting has been discovered as the result of research by an Edinburgh art historian.

Campus comes alive as festival audiences return

Edinburgh’s campus will be buzzing with festival crowds once more this August as the city passes a significant cultural milestone.

Scholar recognised with British Academy honour

External shot of British Academy building
Professor Cristina Iannelli has been recognised by the UK’s national academy for the humanities and social sciences for a distinguished contribution to research.

Research scheme to boost healthcare in Lothian

Staff in Nursing Studies are to play a key role in an initiative that helps healthcare professionals advance their research careers.

Natural foods appeal to children, study finds

Children are more likely to prefer foods they believe to be natural to man-made options, rating them higher for tastiness, safety and desirability, a study shows.

Festival of words and wonder fills College of Art

People sit on a bench outdoors next to a giant pile of books at Edinburgh International Book Festival
University students, staff and alumni are joining a line-up of inspirational events at the Edinburgh International Book Festival to celebrate the power of sharing stories and ideas.

Report examines risk factors linked to abuse

Intervention programmes can help target the motivations of men who abuse their partners, a study shows.

Royal Society of Edinburgh research awards boost

Eleven Edinburgh academics have been announced as recipients of a Royal Society of Edinburgh (RSE) grant for developing research and to foster collaborative links.

Expert warns of hearing-loss diagnosis crisis

Failures at NHS Lothian's hearing service for children has caused an emergency situation in the area, according to an Edinburgh researcher.

Firms inflate green energy claims, study finds

Widespread use of renewable energy certificates – bought by companies to underscore their green credentials – is masking corporate inaction on carbon emissions, research suggests.

Historian receives German Non-Fiction Prize

An ‘excellently researched and brilliantly narrated’ book by an Edinburgh historian has won the German Non-Fiction Prize 2022.

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