MediaTalent class of 2016-2017

Meet the MediaTalent group for the academic session 2016-2017.

Thomas Bak

Thomas Bak

Thomas Bak is a Cognitive Neuroscientist.

Dr Bak’s work centres on the impact of bilingualism and cognitive function, in particular the finding that in people who speak two languages (whether from childhood or acquired later in life), dementia is delayed.

He has provided expert comment to a range of UK and international media including BBC World Service, The Voice of Russia and El Mundo.  

Andrew Connor

Andrew Connor

Andrew Connor is a Teaching Fellow in the Edinburgh School of Architecture and Landscape Architecture.  

Andrew’s research and practice combines sound design, electroacoustic music composition, and animation.

His areas of interest include immersive audiovisual experiences in virtual reality and performance venues, abstract and digital animation, and sound design for animation and audiovisual installations.

Arman Eshraghi

Arman Eshragi

Arman Eshraghi is a Senior Lecturer in Finance and Accounting.

Dr Eshraghi’s research focuses on behavioural finance in the banking sector. His main area of work is the role of emotion in the work of traders and in everyday financial choices.

He has provided expert comment for a number of outlets including the Washington Post, Globe and Mail and the Financial Times.

Alistair Fair

Alistair Fair

Alistair Fair is a Chancellor’s Fellow in the School of Architecture and Landscape Architecture.

Dr Fair’s research examines post-war British architectural culture.

His current work focuses on Britain in the 1980s, the NHS hospital between 1960 and 1975, as well as the major theatre-building which took place across Britain between the 1950s and the 1980s.

Gill Haddow

Gill Haddow

Gill Haddow is a Wellcome Trust Senior Research Fellow in Science Technology and Innovation Studies.

Dr Haddow has a background in the sociology of health and medicine, with a special interest in emerging medical biotechnologies. 

Areas of research include animal-human transplantation, genetic databases and implantable smart technologies. More recently, she has become interested in ideas of cyborgs and hybrids.

Fabian Hilfrich

Fabian Hilfrich

Fabian Hilfrich is a Senior Lecturer in American History.                      

Dr Hilfrich’s research focuses on the history of U.S. foreign relations in the 19th and 20th centuries.

Research interests include the impact of culture and ideology on foreign policy and international relations, the inner-American debate on the Vietnam War, and the history of the United States relationship with Europe.  

Aisha Holloway

Aisha Holloway

Aisha Holloway is a Professor of Nursing Studies, specialising in alcohol intervention.

Professor Holloway’s current work focuses on alcohol interventions in the criminal justice setting with a particular focus on police custody facilities and prisons.

Her work has also explored innovative methods of support such as as photographic art to engage those who suffer from alcohol-related harm.

Karen Gregory

Karen Gregory

Karen Gregory is a Lecturer in Digital Sociology.

Dr Gregory has research interests in the intersection of  work and labor, social media use, and contemporary spirituality,

Her work has explored the ways in which people navigate changes in economies in order to make a living. She has also worked on issues of data and labour in higher education.

Joanna Kopaczyk

Joanna Kopaczyk

Joanna Kopaczyk is a Post Doctoral Research Assistant in Linguistics and English Language.

Dr Kopaczyk is a historical linguist with a special interest in Scots language.

Other research interests include Scottish diasporas in early modern Europe (especially the Baltic coast and Central Europe) and the function of Scots as a linguistic identity marker.

Andrew Manches

Andrew Manches

Andrew Manches is a Chancellor’s Fellow at the Moray House School of Education.

Andrew’s research focuses on the role of interaction in thinking, and the implications this has for early learning and new forms of technology.

He has provided expert comment to a range of media including BBC World and The Conversation.

Dave Murray-Rust

Dave Murray Rust

Dave Murray-Rust is a Lecturer in Design Informatics.

Dr Murray Rust’s research links art, science and technology.  He has worked on a number of projects using data to design art installations and music for concerts, exhibitions and workshops.

Research interests include online identity, how people interact with data and the control they have over that data. 

Leila Sinclair – Bright

Leila Sinclair Bright

Leila Sinclair – Bright is a Career Development Fellow in Social Anthropology and co-organiser of the Inspiring Writing Workshops held within the School of Social and Political Studies.

Dr Sinclair – Bright’s research focuses on the politics of belonging, citizenship and human rights.

Her work explores the impact of land reform on communities, particularly in Zimbabwe.

Tobias Lock

Tobias Lock

Tobias Lock is a Senior Lecturer in European Law. 

Dr Lock is a regular commentator on European Union law, in particular Brexit, effects of EU law in the UK and Scotland and the European Court of Justice.

Other research expertise includes human rights law, in particular human rights reform and the British Bill of Rights and the European Court of Human Rights.