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Academics are offered tips for writing for Twitter and other social media channels.

The group produces a version of the University’s Big Idea podcast - a round table discussion where they are asked to talk about their research, comment on current affairs and ask questions of each other.

Podcast One - With Great Power...

Dr Liliana Riga, Dr Liz Campbell, Dr Julius Ruiz, Dr Frances Fowle, and Dr Philip Grant discuss the theme of great power.

What does it do to those who hold it? Does it corrupt absolutely? How is it gained, maintained and lost?

Drawing on their research, the experts discuss

  • great power in the context of the US in the last century,
  • the role of banks in society,
  • the Spanish Civil War, and
  • what makes groups more prone to corruption.

Podcast Two - A Changing World

Dr Stella Chan, Dr Leanne Dawson, Dr Jeremy Knox, and Professor Wendy Loretto discuss various aspects of a world in flux.

The group discuss

  • the changing representation of lesbians in cinema,
  • how the idea of retirement has shifted,
  • why certain images can soothe a restless mind, and
  • debate whether we have entered into a post-human era.