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Understanding your offer

For applicants with US qualifications who have received a conditional offer of study.

Covid-19 update 

Due to the impact of Covid-19 and the associated disruption to testing, if you have been, or will be, unable to take these tests as set out in your offer conditions, our admissions office may consider alternative academic evidence. 

It is very important that you contact us as soon as you become aware of any test cancellations or any other barriers that will not allow you to take your scheduled tests (for example, Covid-19 travel restrictions imposed in your local area mean you cannot travel to a test centre).

When contacting us to inform us of these changes in circumstances please provide the following documents for consideration:

  • a copy of your US High School transcript to date including your Junior and Senior year classes, any mid-term/semester report cards,
  • a copy of your school's profile and/or curriculum

At this stage in the process we can review ‘unofficial’ and ‘online’ transcripts and links to your school’s profile online if they are not available in document format. 

This evidence will then be considered by a member of our Admissions Team before a final admissions decision is confirmed.

To inform us about your situation and provide your High School documents, please email us at quoting your full name, your UCAS ID number and the degree programme(s) you have applied to.

Example offers explained

If your offer asks for further qualifications, we are looking for additional qualifications to those that you have already listed as achieved on your UCAS application form, for example:

“This offer is subject to you obtaining one further AP exam at grade 4 or above in 2020/21…”

You may have listed two achieved qualifications, such as AP Calculus and AP World History, both at grade 4. We therefore require one additional AP at grade 4 in order for you to meet our minimum entry requirements.

“This offer is subject to you obtaining three AP exams in contrasting subjects at grade 4 or above, or three contrasting SAT Subject Tests at 650 or above in 2020/21…”

You may not have listed any test scores on your application, or you may have listed previous test scores which are below our minimum score requirements. We therefore still require you to achieve three tests at our minimum entry grades.  Further information regarding the requirement for contrasting subjects and suitable subject combinations can be found below. 

We make our offers based on the qualification that you have already taken and those that are pending. If you have achieved, or are going to achieve, a suitable qualification that you have not listed on your UCAS application, you may also be able to meet the conditions of your offer with this. Please contact us to discuss further. 

Subject specific requirements

A number of our degree programmes require specific subjects to be achieved at SAT or AP, a list of these can be found on our College webpages.

College webpages - subject requirements

If you have not demonstrated in your application form that you have already achieved a subject specific requirement, we will ask for this in your offer. For example, if applying for English Literature, your offer may be:

“This offer is subject to you obtaining two further AP exams at grade 4, to include English Literature, in 2021/22…”

You may also meet this subject requirement by achieving SAT Subject Test Literature at 650, as this is also an acceptable subject specific requirements for this degree programme.

We do not specifically require an ACT or SAT scores, but one of these scores can be used as one of the three test scores required. In most cases it is possible to provide a suitable ACT score in place of the SAT reasoning test, and vice versa.

If you intend to substitute the subject in your offer for another subject that meets the requirements then please contact us to ensure that your new subject would still be valid in meeting your offer conditions.

Contrasting subjects

A combination of AP and SAT subject tests are acceptable provided they are in different subjects. For example, AP French and SAT Physics are acceptable as two qualifications, but AP French and SAT French are only considered once.

The following subjects are too similar and therefore do not count as two separate qualifications:

  • AP Calculus AB and AP Calculus BC
  • SAT Math Level 1 and SAT Math Level 2
  • SAT Biology E and SAT Biology M
  • AP Physics 1 and AP Physics 2

Providing certificates

If you have taken examinations through the College Board or ACT you must make your scores available to us. We cannot accept score reports that you have emailed to us or uploaded yourself. If you are still to sit any College Board exams, please ensure that you have listed us on your answer sheet as an institution that should receive your results.


Please follow the instructions on the ACT Test Score webpage. Our institution number is 5390. 

ACT Test Scores webpage

College Board SAT 

Please follow the instructions on the Sending SAT Scores webpage. Our institution number is 0917.   

Sending SAT Scores webpage

College Board AP 

Please follow the instructions on the AP Scores webpage. Our institution number is 0917. 

AP Scores webpage

You should request that your scores be sent as early as possible to avoid any delay in your place being confirmed.

Please note that your application will be incomplete until we have received all required verified test scores. 

If you have any queries regarding your offer then please contact us.

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