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Alternative course options

Are you looking for ideas to fill remaining credits and not sure what to study? Need inspiration? Discover interesting courses from a variety of subject areas including Scottish themed courses.

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Suggestions for Visiting Students

The University offers a diverse selection of courses that are popular with visiting students. To fill your remaining credits, you can take courses from a variety of different subject areas including Languages, Literatures, Sociology, and Divinity to name a few. Especially popular are our Scottish courses - what better way to enhance your study abroad or exchange experience in Scotland than learning about the country, culture and people for academic credit?

Find out more about some available alternative courses here:  


You can use the Visiting Student Course Finder individual course description.

Please remember that course enrolments are dependent upon your eligibility, space on the course and on timetabling.

English language courses

Would you like to improve your academic writing or your skills in listening to lectures and note-taking in English? Would you like to be able to participate more confidently in seminar discussions, work on your oral presentation skills or learn reading strategies to help you deal effectively with large volumes of academic reading? Then try a credit-bearing course at English Language Education for Visiting Students. You will find a supportive environment of peers and teachers with plenty of opportunity to hone and practice your skills. Previous Visiting Students have said how much they enjoyed the space and time afforded by these courses to take their English to a new level and have noted how much the courses helped them improve their performance overall at Edinburgh. 

  • Subject area: English - Academic
  • Credits: 20
  • Level: SCQF Level 7 (Year 1 Undergraduate)

For further information about these courses please contact the CAHSS Visiting Student Office (VSO) at