International Foundation Programme

Advice from IFP students

Former students give their advice on getting the most out of the International Foundation Programme.

Advice from IFP students

What is the HSS International Foundation Programme like?

"A fun experience. It is good for getting used to university study." A. Muslumlu (Azerbaijan)

"Good and the tutors are lovely!" H. Zhang (P.R. China)

"A delightful time! Tutors are supportive and students are friendly. It's an invaluable experience to be able to study various subjects which will all be helpful in my future." H. Cho (South Korea)

"Intensive yet fun and very beneficial. You will work hard and have fun at the same time. A fun experience. I will miss it! " A. Jan (Bahrain)

Life in Edinburgh and Making Friends

"Making friends is fun and easy when you are all going through the same experience." A. Jan (Bahrain)

"Try activities like TANDEM language exchange." K. Tseng (Taiwan)

"It's much easier to meet new people if you participate in some of the many student-run societies." H. Cho (South Korea)

"Make friends with locals." H. Zheng (P.R. China)

"Prepare to adjust to the local accent." H. Cho (South Korea)

"You'll cope and settle in easily. Edinburgh is a nice place with friendly people." A. Jan (Bahrain)

Learning on the IFP

"Always plan your work in advance and show your tutor before starting." Z. Haji (Bahrain)

"Read as much as you can, start assignments early and make a plan." K. Tseng (Taiwan)

"Communicate with tutors. Don't be shy. They will give you all the help and support possible." H. Cho (South Korea)

"Interact and get involved with other classmates. It's fun to get to know and work with international students." A. Jan (Bahrain)

"Try especially hard in the first session. It will help you relax more in Session 1 and 2." K. Tseng (Taiwan)

What surprised you about studying on the IFP?

"I was not expecting the the IFP to be so diverse. There are so many internationalities here - Taiwanese, South Korean, Chinese, Bahraini, Azerbaijani and Kazakhstani" A. Jan (Bahrain)

"I thought life would be really mundane but there is a lot of free time to relax and enjoy your hobbies." H. Cho (South Korea)

"I expected nicer weather!" Z. Haji (Bahrain)

"The weather was nicer than I expected." A. Muslumlu (Azerbaijan)