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Postgraduate Research Student Office

Staff contact details for the College's Postgraduate Research Student Office.

Postgraduate Contacts

General Details Email
PGR Examinations 
Postgraduate Concessions


Postgraduate Office Administration

Position Name Phone Email
Dean of Postgraduate Education Laura Bradley 504084
Head of the Postgraduate Research Student Office     Kirsty Woomble 503576


Postgraduate Research Student Team

Position Name Phone Email 
PGR Academic Administrator Lyn Marshall 506678            
PGR Academic Support Team Leader  Jenny Crummie             513122 

PGR Academic Administration Assistant

Zoe Wightman 513121 
PGR Academic Administration Assistant Wendy Dunn 506874 
PGR Academic Administration Assistant Anna Pecka 513166 
PGR Academic Administration Assistant                                                                                    Laeticia Huguet 508389 



Postgraduate Research Scholarships and Awards

Position            Name Phone        Email 
Postgraduate Scholarships and Funding Manager                                          Lorna Shiels 504059
Postgraduate Scholarships and Funding Administrator                          Emily Noel-Paton      506873