Digital Innovation

Who we are

We are a group of digital developers, designers, copywriters and multimedia specialists who provide a digital development service to the schools within the College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences.

College Digital Innovation Team
Position Name Phone Email
College Digital Innovation Team Manager Euan Cameron 51 3160
College Digital Innovation Team Manager Aldona Gosnell 51 1143
College Digital Designer Ann Harrison 51 5196
College Research Technologist Richard Hadden
College Web Developer Genevieve Cooper 51 5193
College Web Developer Gavin Maxwell 51 5191
Junior Developer (Modern Apprentice) Michael Okoro 51 4473
Senior Web Content Officer David Oulton 51 5194
Senior Web Content Officer (Media) Barry Topping 51 5195

Junior Video Assistant (Modern Apprentice)

Marta Medrano Mauri

50 4650
Senior Digital Content Officer Guillaume Evrard 51 5591
Junior Support Analyst (Modern Apprentice)  Liam Schuler 51 4474
Digital Scholarship Administrator TBC    
Digital Scholarship Administrator (on maternity leave) Emma Cockburn  

From planning to publishing

If you know nothing about the web and need some guidance on a project, we are on hand to help.

We walk staff and students through the planning and development process, explaining what will be expected of both us and you.

How we do it

College digital support

With a high level of technical competency and a diverse range of skills including

  • digital design,
  • database creation,
  • multimedia production and
  • social media integration,

we are always able to advise and support College staff.

What we do

Working closely with staff and students

We work closely with College staff and students, maintaining a fully transparent development process.