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Experts in digital design, development and content creation, we offer technical solutions, support and advice to College staff.

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CAHSS Web Team 2017-2018 Service Catalogue (Intranet)

Development and support for all College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences websites

We work closely with the University Website Programme in supporting websites contained in the main University Content Management System (CMS).

Having played a key role in moving static websites into a Polopoly CMS, we now help with the Drupal rollout. Our everyday tasks include:

  • advising on the new site architecture
  • re-writing site content
  • editing images
  • uploading new content into the CMS

Supporting projects outside the scope of the University CMS

We design, create, and support websites which are external to the central CMS. These may be legacy websites or new sites which — for funding reasons, branding considerations or additional functionality — require a separate environment.  Over the past few years we have developed many websites using the popular Wordpress  and Drupal platforms.

Our clients — research groups, centres, or individuals — are often unsure which system to use, and prefer to focus more on content than the technology itself. We discuss the visual and technical aspects and come back with a solution that best fulfils the requirements.

CAHSS Web Team 2017-2018 Projects delivered (PDF)


Continuously improving the web content

We analyse web statistics and, in consultation with the College Marketing Officers and school representatives, revisit websites which have already been moved into the CMS. Our team continuously works on ensuring that the web content stays current, engaging, competitive and responsive to the needs of our audiences. In recent years we have focused on responsive web designs and rich-media content such as videos, virtual tours and podcasts.   

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