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Information security and governance

You are responsible for the safe use and management of data for legal, ethical, and business reasons.

The mission of our College, and hence of yourself as College staff, is to support the University’s goal of protecting intellectual property and research data before becoming publicly available, and preventing sensitive data (PII and PHI) and other information from being lost or stolen; either of which could damage the reputation of the University, or have legal consequences resulting in significant fines.

For this reason, the College has established and maintains a framework to provide assurance that information security strategies are aligned with, and support, the University's objectives.

What information do you have to protect?

Computer screen locked in metal chain
We are prone to believe that only personally identifiable information (such as medical records) is in need of protection. However ALL data has value that should be kept privately and secured.

Training and awareness

Internet security always
Information security and governance is not just technical jargon. With proper training and awareness, Information Security should be considered everyone’s responsibility.

How do you protect your data?

The key to the computer
Having the required tools and knowledge to prevent or deter an attack is more important than knowing when an attack is going to happen.

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