College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences

Dean of Students

The Dean of Students is responsible for the strategic oversight of student support in the College (undergraduate, visiting students and postgraduate taught and research).

This includes coordination of the implementation of the Student Experience Project throughout the College and all 11 Schools in a phased manner over 2012-2015.

The Dean of Students liaises with central Student Academic Services colleagues to ensure the services CHSS students require are developed; and with colleagues in the other Colleges, to ensure that there is consistency of process for all students.

The Dean ensures, in collaboration with the Associate Dean (Quality Assurance), that systems are in place so that evidence of the effectiveness of Personal Tutoring feeds into the College Quality Assurance procedures (such as annual course monitoring, teaching programme review and the postgraduate periodic review processes).

The Dean is a member of the College Undergraduate Learning and Teaching Committee and College Postgraduate Studies Committee as well as the Learning and Teaching Enhancement Convenors Forum. The Dean may represent the College on Senatus Committees.

The Dean ensures that effective mechanisms are in place in Schools for obtaining feedback on the operation of the Personal Tutor system.

The Dean co-ordinates, meets and advises Senior Tutors and others in key support roles. The Dean also ensures that adequate training and professional development is undertaken by Personal and Senior Tutors and collaborates with the Institute of Academic Development regarding the design and delivery of this training.

The Dean collaborates with Heads of School in undertaking the Head’s responsibility for ensuring that an appropriate framework of student support and guidance is in place and working well within the School. A key element of the role is the promotion of enhancement of teaching and learning (processes as well as infrastructure) and dissemination of good practice.

The Deans all play a key part in communicating College policy to Schools, and to feeding views upwards to the College staff or committees. The planning and development of College strategy and policy is by the Deans and the Director of Academic and Student Administration and the Deans; the Associate Deans play a key role in developing and implementing strategic direction in their area of expertise/responsibility.

May 2014