College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences

Associate Dean (Quantitative Methods)

The Associate Dean (Quantitative Methods) is responsible for promoting ‘statistical literacy’ among staff and students, and an understanding of the relevance of basic numerical analysis skills to both active citizenship and professional development.

The Associate Dean (Quantitative Methods) is a part-time appointment (0.2 FTE).

The Associate Dean encourages staff and student knowledge and awareness of, engagement with, and proficiency in, quantitative methods and statistics. In addition the Associate Dean promotes the role of quantitative methods and statistics in ensuring a sound evidence base in the humanities and social sciences.

The Associate Dean works to increase awareness of the way in which technological innovation (the internet; ‘big data’; social media; computing power) is transforming both the amount and nature of information available to contemporary societies and academic scholarship.

The Associate Dean develops best practice in quantitative methods and statistical pedagogy, and awareness of the range of teaching resources available to help students and staff.

The Associate Deans all play a key part in communicating College policy to Schools, and to feeding School views to the College and University staff or committees. The Associate Deans play a key role in developing and implementing strategic direction in their area of expertise/responsibility. Their work is coordinated by the Director of Academic and Student Administration.

May 2014