College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences

Associate Dean (Quality Assurance)

The role involves both strategic and operational elements, with work on Quality Assurance and Quality Enhancement (QA and QE) requiring strategic leadership and coordination (across the College and all its Schools, as well as with the many initiatives directed from Old College).

The Associate Dean (Quality Assurance) is a part-time appointment, of approximately one and a half days a week (0.3 FTE on average).

The Associate Dean contributes to the development of University strategy and policy, working with his/her counterparts in the other two Colleges and with colleagues in Old College/Academic Services to ensure an appropriate level of consistency of implementation of College policy. The context of the Associate Dean’s work has been expanded in the last year beyond QA and the 2011 and 2016 ELIRs, to encompass student surveys and outcomes as well as enhancing the student experience (see Institutional Plan targets 1.1, 1.2 and 7.1).

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The Associate Dean works with the Dean of Undergraduate Studies (UG), the Dean of Postgraduate Studies (Taught) (PGT), Dean of Postgraduate Studies (Research) and the Director of Academic & Student Administration, on behalf of the Head of College, to oversee the planning and implementation of QA and QE activities within the College. A key element of the role is the promotion of enhancement of teaching and learning and dissemination of good practice.

An important part of the role is close liaison with the Associate Dean’s counterparts in the other Colleges, and with colleagues in Old College (mainly the Assistant Principal Academic Standards and Quality Assurance and the Vice-Principal Learning & Teaching). Close cooperation with the other CHSS Deans is vital: with the Dean of Students on work relating to improving the student experience and academic and pastoral support; and with the Deans UG and PGT on the College’s Learning and Teaching Strategy.

The role also focuses on developing, articulating and monitoring a strategy for QA in the College, in line with University and external standards. The Associate Dean requires a wide perspective of factors impacting on QA policy and processes, and how these play within University and College strategies. S/he carries responsibility for the articulation of vision and the provision of academic leadership for all matters relating to QA in the College.

The Associate Dean convenes the College Quality Assurance Committee, and oversees reports from and feedback to the Schools and OLL, and the dissemination of good practice and enhancement of quality. This includes monitoring QE changes and innovation within the College, to ensure systems used by Schools establish and maintain appropriate standards for courses and programmes, assessment and teaching.

The Associate Dean acts on behalf of the Head of College to ensure appropriate actions are taken on examiners’ reports, TPR and PPR reports, and all reports of external bodies accrediting degrees and courses within the College. S/he oversees the reports from the CHSS Quality Assurance Committee to the College Planning & Resources Committee and the Senatus Quality Assurance Committee.

S/he represents the College on the Senatus Quality Assurance Committee, and may serve as the College representative on other university-level committees and on TPRs and PPRs, as required.

The Deans and Associate Deans all play a key part in communicating College policy to Schools, and to feeding School views upwards to the College staff or committees.

November 2013