College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences

Associate Dean (Academic Progress)

The Associate Dean works with the Dean of Undergraduate Studies, the Associate Dean (Quality Assurance & Enhancement) and the Director of Academic and Student Administration, to develop and implement College undergraduate on-course policy.

The College's Associate Dean (Academic Progress) is a part-time appointment (0.2 FTE).

The Associate Dean will be the primary source of advice for Personal Tutors on all matters that cannot be resolved at School level. S/he will grant authorised interruption of study through leave of absence to undergraduate students; will approve certain transfers into the College and between Schools in the College; will interview some students who have not made adequate academic progress and will work with the Academic Office of administrative and support staff in the College Office to improve progression monitoring and reporting. The Associate Dean will draft major concessions for departures from undergraduate regulations and seek approval for them from CUGSC/SUGSC as necessary, and will check eligibility to graduate/pre-honours requirements for all programmes bar the MA General.

The Associate Dean convenes the College Senior Personal Tutor Committee and is a member of other College committees, especially College Undergraduate Studies Committee and College Quality Assurance and Enhancement Committee. With other Associate Deans and the Director of Academic and Student Administration he plays a wider part in strategic developments across the College, especially the implementation of Euclid, debate on taught programme support etc.

The Associate Deans all play a key part in communicating College policy to Schools, and in feeding views upwards to College staff or committees. The planning and development of College strategy and policy will be by the Director of Academic and Student Administration and the Deans; the Associate Deans play a key role in implementing policy, their work being coordinated by the Director of Academic and Student Administration. Formal professional line management of the Associate Deans is provided by the Deputy Head of College which will in particular cover advice about career development based on the administrative/management roles; day to day line management will be provided by the Director of Academic and Student Administration.

January 2009