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Role of the committee and membership

Please find below the terms of reference and the membership of the Munro Lectureship Committee.

Role of the Committee

The Munro Lectureship Committee is a committee of the Senatus Academicus and administers the monies left by Dr Robert Munro to the University Court in 1910 for the purposes of funding lectures on Anthropology and Prehistoric Archaeology.

After paying the costs associated with the annual lecture series the Committee has the authority to disburse the remainder of the available income of the fund for the encouragement of archaeological and anthropological research by means of grants for expenses such as costs of travel and accommodation and other associated research costs.

Since the foundation of the Munro Lectureship Fund, this has been taken to include physical or biological anthropology, prehistoric archaeology and cultural or social anthropology.

Further information on the Munro Lectureship Committee can be found on the Munro Lectureship Committee intranet pages


Committee members 2018-2019

Anthropology Dr Leila Sinclair-Bright (Convenor)
Anthropology Dr Maya Mayblin
Archaeology Dr Ben Russell
Archaeology Dr Manuel Fernández-Götz
Archaeology Dr Linda Fibiger