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Munro Lectureship Committee

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Dr Robert Munro, anthropologist and archaeologist

Dr Robert Munro (1835-1920) was an Edinburgh graduate and a distinguished medical practitioner.

A keen archaeologist, he retired from practice in 1885 to devote himself to archaeology and, with Lord Abercromby, founded the tradition of international prehistoric archaeology in Edinburgh.

In 1882 he published Ancient Scottish Lake-Dwellings or Crannogs and, in 1888, The Lake-Dwellings of Europe.

He established the Munro Trust in 1910, at the University of Edinburgh, bringing distinguished international scholars to the University to deliver lectures in the fields of anthropology and archaeology.

Munro research grant

The Munro Lectureship Committee works under the University of Edinburgh (Fellowships, Scholarships and Bursaries) Scheme 1971.

Research grants awarded

The Munro Committee is pleased to have awarded grants to many exciting and successful archaeological and anthropological research projects.

Publication: Lake Dwellings after Robert Munro

Proceedings from the Munro International Seminar: The Lake Dwellings of Europe, 22 and 23 October 2010, The University of Edinburgh

Role of the committee and membership

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