College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences

College Quality Assurance Committee (CQAC)

College Quality Assurance Committee (CQAC) membership and remit.

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- to develop appropriate policies and procedures for quality assurance covering all provision (for-credit and not-for-credit) in the College;

- to review the development of Schools' quality assurance models in the light of internal changes and external requirements;

- to monitor the operation of quality assurance policies and procedures, to ensure systems used by Schools establish and maintain appropriate standards for courses and programmes, assessment and teaching, on the basis of:

- School Quality Assurance reports

- External Examiner reports

- Internal Periodic Review reports

- The reports of external bodies accrediting degrees and courses within the College

- to monitor Schools engagement and response to these last four sets of reports;

- to monitor the operation of the Personal Tutor system in each School;

- to identify opportunities for quality enhancement through the monitoring of quality assurance policies and procedures, and to refer these to the College Undergraduate Education Committee and /or College Postgraduate Education Committee for consideration;

- to report to College Planning & Resources Committee and Senatus Quality Assurance Committee



Dr Shereen Benjamin 

Associate Dean (Quality Assurance and Enhancement)


Alastair Duthie 

Academic Administrator (Governance, Quality Assurance and Enhancement)


  • Quality Directors from 12 Schools
  • Dean of Undergraduate Education
  • Dean of Postgraduate Education
  • Dean of Students
  • Head of Academic and Student Administration
  • UG student representative from EUSA
  • PG student representative from EUSA