Sharing things

Transcript for season three trailer

Transcript for the Sharing things season three trailer.

Richenda  0:05   Sharing things is back. It's been too long and quite a lot has happened. I'm Richenda, your new host, conversational guide and a final year medical student who didn't quite expect to be recording a podcast from her kitchen. But there you go.

Amalie Sortland  0:19   I had all of these lasts, I just didn't know they were my last. 

Helen Bond  0:23   If you put yourself out there, you've no idea what's going to come back. 

Charles Cockell  0:27   I've often wondered whether I was breaking some law, bringing in bits of woolly mammoth without permits.

Doug Johnstone  0:33   You know, having a career path is just like nonsensical.

Barbara Becnel  0:36   And the front of it says, I am my ancestors' wildest dreams. 

Claire Askew  0:42   I'm fascinated by the idea that you can create a false memory that you don't really have. 

Shannon Vallor  0:46   People are forgetting what it takes to actually keep a democracy going. 

Rowland Kao  0:50   I've lost so much of what you know the family history is.

Rianna Walcott  0:54   I feel like you have to either be like a deep sea stan or deep space stan 

Nikki Moran  0:59   And importantly with busking, I wouldn't have to split the profits because there was just me.

Daniel Mutia  1:04   You know, it's sort of like you fix your happiness in the future which is which is a bad idea. 

Kirsty Duncan  1:09   Like, it's what she said, everyone has a story.

Aisha Janki Akinola  1:12   I'm recording a podcast. Bye Brenda.

Richenda  1:19   You can find Sharing things on Spotify, iTunes or your favourite podcast platform. We also have a website. Subscribe now and tell your friends