Sharing things

Transcript for season four trailer

Transcript for the Sharing things season four trailer.

Kate  0:05 Season four of Sharing things is here. Lots of things have happened and kinda nothing's happened. We're still recording remotely, but there's a new host. I'm Kate, your guide and conversation wrangler. Here's a sneak peek of what's to come.

Laura  0:21 Speaking to somebody like him changes your day, it completely changes your day, and gives you, you know, perspective that you just didn't have before. So it's always the emotional impact of the news that interests me and that stays with me.

Tomiwa  0:35 One of the reasons that I am who I am, is because of books and because of stories, and that came from my parents.

Rose  0:42 I really enjoyed history and I sometimes feel like I'm learning what I was learning in history, like the same kind of topics, but I'm learning about them now.

Dea  0:51 I left because the only female in the ring older than me, was my elephant, Julia.

Lorna  0:58 When the sciences and the arts come together, I feel we can really start to make a difference, when we can communicate in the same language.

Nicha  1:07 Where I am right now with my identity and that's, you know, my dad is Finnish, my mum is Thai. And you know, I just am what I am, I have elements of those two cultures in me. And that's, you know, that's fine.

Gavin  1:17 When somebody says, oh no, homelessness is an intractable problem, we'll say, hang on, didn't we sort it out in a week in March 2020? And that's a great precedent that we've now set in all sorts of fields of human endeavour across society.

Elias  1:30 Every single time we connect to someone, we do so through somebody who seeks to extract value from our attention, and that, that corrupts from within at such a fundamental level, I think, you know.

Nausherwan  1:43 I really feel like to interact with everyone in society, you do need to know the language. Otherwise, you just get into this bubble. And I enjoyed my bubble, definitely, but it was a bubble 100%.

Emma  1:54 Structures like a university preserved that history for me, like they kept that thesis for me so that I could come back 100 years from now and look at it and read it.

Neil  2:02 It's not just writing that teaches you how to be a writer or helps you become a writer, it's living life as well and it's experience and emotions.

Alex  2:10 You know, your imagination is the limit for everything really with all objects. If you see the potential in everything then, then you're on a good path.

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