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In this episode, guests Andrew Wilson and Jennifer Culbertson talk about linguistics, widening participation, dog borrowing and more.

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About our guests

Colourful fridge magnet saying 'Blackpool' and hat with blue and purple streaks.
Andrew's Blackpool fridge magnet and Jennifer's hat made in Kenya.

Andrew Wilson

Chosen object: Blackpool fridge magnet

Andrew is the President of Edinburgh University Students’ Association for 2019/20. Pausing his studies in English Language and Linguistics this academic year, Andrew’s instead been focused on widening participation to higher education and making the cost of student living more affordable.

In January 2020 he was elected President of the Student Board of UNA Europa and now represents the interests of over 400,000 students at the eight alliance universities. Student affairs aside, Andrew is a Spice Girls superfan and passionate about all things North of England.

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Edinburgh University Students' Association

Andrew, Amalie and Jennifer at the recording studio table.
Andrew, Amalie and Jennifer on recording day.

Jennifer Culbertson

Chosen object: A hat made in Kenya from palm frond

Jennifer is a Reader in the Centre for Language Evolution at the University of Edinburgh. Her research focuses on understanding how languages are shaped by learning and use. In 2019 she won the Chancellor’s Award for Rising Star, recognising outstanding contribution towards enhancing the research reputation of the University.

She received her PhD in Cognitive Science from Johns Hopkins University in her hometown of Baltimore, Maryland, which is also the setting for ‘The Wire’, one of the best TV shows ever made in her view.

Jennifer also likes books, pizza, and travelling but dislikes commercials on TV.

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Host: Amalie Sortland

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All episodes of season two of Sharing things were recorded before 23 March 2020 (COVID-19 lockdown in the UK).