Sharing things

Season three

Sharing things is back and embracing the world of remote recording, technical gremlins and unexpected guests. Join us from Thursday 24 September for season three.

Season three trailer

Season three of Sharing things launches on 24 September 2020. Here's a sneak peak of what to expect.

3.1 Richenda and Amalie - listen now

Richenda and Amalie
Season three of Sharing things is here! In our opening episode, we give a special send off to former host and 2020 politics graduate Amalie Sortland and meet new host and medical student Richenda Rae.

3.2 Charles and Rianna - listen now

Charles and Rianna
Guests Charles Cockell and Rianna Walcott talk about woolly mammoths, deep sea gigantism and knowing your place in the family hierarchy.

3.3 Daisy and Dalia - listen now

Daisy and Dalia
Guests Daisy Narayanan and Dalia Al-Dujaili talk about childhood excitement, happy folders and love over hate.

3.4 Claire and Rowland - listen now

Claire and Rowland
Guests Claire Askew and Rowland Kao chat about vintage stuff, lost meanings and viral transmission.

3.5 Helen and Daniel - listen now

Helen and Daniel
Guests Helen Bond and Daniel Mutia talk about gifts that mean something, the concept of home and being out there.

3.6 Svenja and Shannon - listen now

Svenja and Shannon
Guests Svenja O'Donnell and Shannon Vallor discuss data biases, the danger of apathy and saucepan-enabled smuggling.

3.7 Tom and Kirsty - listen now

Tom and Kirsty
Guests Tom Raine and Kirsty Duncan talk about the joy of listening, extreme expeditions and the Portuguese concept of longing.

3.8 Doug and Nikki - listen now

Doug and Nikki
Guests Doug Johnstone and Nikki Moran discuss paradiddles and flams, the pitfalls of perfectionism, and weird left turns.

3.9 Aisha and Barbara - listen now

Aisha and Barbara
Guests Aisha Janki Akinola and Barbara Becnel talk about Black Lives Matter, speaking up and the mystery of time.