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To round off this season's episodes, we have gathered together conversations from season four in a bumper special edition for you to enjoy. 

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12 images of Sharing things guests faces in a collage
Left to right, top to bottom: season four guests in the order they appear in the assortment.

Who's who? 

Just in case voice recognition isn’t your thing, our season four assortment features (in order): 

  • Nausherwan Aziz and Neil Forsyth
  • Dea Birkett and Alex Lewthwaite
  • Gavin Francis and Rose Meikle 
  • Elias Vasiloudes Nikolaides and Tomiwa Folorunso
  • Lorna Dawson and Emma Aviet
  • Laura Maciver and Nicha Sarkka

About Sharing things 

This season is all about student voices. Each episode features a student in conversation with a member of the wider community. Sharing experiences and finding unexpected common ground. Take a look at the Sharing things homepage to find out more. 

Sharing things homepage


Transcript for season 4 assortment

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Host: Kate Stewart

Theme music: Nathan Webb

Edinburgh Snap Reunion theme music: We Are One by Scott Holmes Music