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Guests Rose Meikle and Gavin Francis talk about changing landscapes, living through history and capturing memories.

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About our guests

Rose and Gavin
Rose and Gavin (image credit: Gordon Terris)

Rose Meikle

Chosen object: one line a day, five-year journal

Recording location: Edinburgh

Rose is a first year Sociology student from Stirling, studying at the University of Edinburgh. 

When she isn't in online lectures, Rose enjoys watching movies with her flatmates ... all 11 of them! 

Rose's object is a one line a day journal that she bought on her 18th birthday. 

Find out more about studying Sociology at the University of Edinburgh

Gavin Francis 

Journal and map of Europe
Rose's journal and Gavin's framed map of Europe

Chosen object: map of Europe, drawn in 1949

Recording location: South Queensferry

Gavin is a GP and writer based in Edinburgh. He studied Medicine at the University, graduating in 1999.   

Having spent ten years of his life travelling the world, much of Gavin’s writing has been influenced by his experiences, including his first book, True North: Travels in Arctic Europe (2008) and Empire Antarctica (2012).

In his most recent publication, Intensive Care: A GP, a community & COVID-19 (2021), Gavin gives a personal account of his experiences of working as a GP throughout the pandemic in both Edinburgh and on Orkney.   

Gavin’s work is highly acclaimed, with Adventures in Human Being (2015) winning the Saltire Non-Fiction Book of the Year 2015, Observer’s Science Book of the Year and winner in the BMA Book Awards. In addition, his book titled Island Dreams – Mapping an Obsession (2020) was shortlisted for Waterstones Book of the Year.  

Follow Gavin on Twitter @gavinfranc  

Gavin’s website 

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