Sharing things

Season four

Do you miss conversations with strangers? The unexpected connections, the overlaps, the coincidences. Join us in May 2021 for season 4 of the Sharing things podcast and expand your world with new people and new conversations.

Season four trailer - listen now

Sharing things season 4
Season four of Sharing things launches on 6 May 2021. Here's a sneak peak of what to expect.

4.1 Dea and Alex - listen now

Dea and Alex
Season four of Sharing things is here! In our opening episode, guests Dea Birkett and Alex Lewthwaite talk about running back to the circus, performing and seeing the potential in everything.

4.2 Laura and Nicha - listen now

Laura and Nicha
Guests Laura Maciver and Nicha Sarkka talk about lifelong friendships, belonging and painting with Bob Ross.

4.3 Neil and Nausherwan - listen now

Neil and Nausherwan
Guests Neil Forsyth and Nausherwan Aziz talk about writing for yourself, confidence and establishing a national football team.

4.4 Emma and Lorna - listen now

Emma and Lorna
Guests Emma Aviet and Lorna Dawson talk about the colour spectrum of soil, links between science and art and the Salem witch trials.

4.5 Elias and Tomiwa - listen now

Elias and Tomiwa
Guests Elias Vasiloudes Nikolaides and Tomiwa Folorunso talk about internet culture, giving others a platform and Michael Rosen memes.

4.6 Rose and Gavin - listen now

Rose and Gavin
Guests Rose Meikle and Gavin Francis talk about changing landscapes, living through history and capturing memories.

Season four assortment - listen now

To round off this season's episodes, we have gathered together conversations from season four in a bumper special edition for you to enjoy.