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Please find below details of upcoming University of Edinburgh reunions including information regarding the reunion organiser.

Upcoming reunions

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Reunion listings


Reunion Date Details

MBChB 1988

16th June 2018

This 30th year reunion celebration will take place at the Balmoral Hotel in Edinburgh, and will include a visit to the Anatomy Department.

Organiser: Clare Livingston

MA German and MA Classics 1968

5th July 2018

These two classes will be coming together to celebrate their 50th anniversary. The group plans to tour the central campus and come together for dinner in the evening.

Organisers: David Wilson (German) and Graham Boxall (Classics)

MA French 1962 21st July 2018

To celebrate their 60th year since first matriculation, our French class of 1962 will be meeting in Edinburgh for drinks and a meal.

Organiser: Grant Lindsay

BVM&S 1968

31st August 2018

The BVM&S class of '68 will be celebrating their 50th year with a visit to Easter Bush for a tour of the new facilities.

Organiser: Lewis Grant

MBChB 1968 11th September 2018

The MBChB class of '68 are celebrating their 50th year in Edinburgh with a dinner, along with visits to the University's anatomy department, National Museum of Scotland and the Museum of the College of Surgeons.

Organisers: John Crispin and Hugh Chalmers

MA Geography  1968

13-14th September 2018

For their 50th anniversary reunion, the MA Geography class of '68 will be revisiting the University for a drinks reception at Old College on the 13th of September, followed by a departmental visit and lunch at Pollock Halls.

Organiser: David Allan

MBChB 1978

14-16th September 2018

This 40th anniversary reunion will take place at the Dalmahoy Hotel, Edinburgh.

Reunion committee:

  • Dr David Tennant
  • Dr Rosie Rampen (Dixon)
  • Prof Raj Bhopal
  • Dr Jill Asher (Grimstone)
  • Prof Michael Dixon
  • Dr Maggie Thomson
  • Dr Drew Walker
BVM&S 1998 29-30th September 2018

For their 20th anniversary, the BVM&S class of '98 will be getting together in Edinburgh for a School visit, followed by a gin tasting.

Organiser: Ainslie Smith

BSc Mechanical Engineering/M&E 1987 5th - 6th October 2018

Classmates from BSc Mechanical and Electrical Engineering (Class of 1987) will be meeting to celebrate Engineering Alumni Weekend activities together, with details to be confirmed.

Organiser: Sandy Low

MBChB 2008 6th October 2018

10 years after graduation, the MBChB class of 2008 will be meeting for a celebration at the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh in the Playfair Hall.

Reunion committee:

  • Rachael Forsythe
  • Kate Levine
  • Sarah Murray
  • Alex Thompson
  • Julie Kelly
MA German 1978 23 - 25 November 2018

The German class of '78 will be meeting this year in Edinburgh for an informal get-together to celebrate 40 years since graduation. 

Organiser: Stephen McMahon



Reunion Date Details
MBChB 1959 1st May 2019

For their 60th anniversary reunion, the MBChB Class of 1959 will be meeting in Edinburgh for a visit to the University and dinner celebration. 

Reunion committee:

  • Allan Forsyth
  • George Gordon
  • Gill McLeod
  • Hugh Williams
  • Bernie Gallagher 

BVM&S 1999

6-7th July 2019

The BVM&S class of 1999 will be visiting Edinburgh for their 20 year anniversary reunion.

Organiser: Zaila Rhodes

BVM&S 1969

20th - 21st September 2019

The BVM&S class of 1969 are celebrating their 50th anniversary reunion in Edinburgh. They will visit both the old veterinary school at Summerhall and the new facilities at Easter Bush, with University venues booked for dinners and drink receptions.

Reunion committee:

  • David 'Dick' Rimer
  • Peter Wells
  • John Moffit


Reunion Date Details
MBChB 1980 14th November 2020

The MBChB Class of 1980 will be meeting in Edinburgh to mark their 40th year since graduation. 

Organiser: Stephen Fowlie

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