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It might be half a century ago, but memories of the University and life in the vibrant Scottish capital are still strong.

Bridget Wilcken

Bridget Wilcken
Sydney-based 1956 medical graduate Professor Bridget Wilcken reflects on a career spanning over six decades and her contributions to newborn screening services.

Margaret Dobie

Black and white photo of Margaret Dobie
1950s graduate Margaret Dobie OBE reflects on the happiest days of her life and how the introduction of the Children's Hearings System inspired her voluntary work in social care and the justice system.

Thomas KC King

Thomas King in recent times
Professor Thomas KC King has led a distinguished career in pulmonary medicine and education since gaining his MBChB from Edinburgh Medical School in 1959.

David Shearman

Three-time graduate Dr David Shearman co-founded a charity in Australia that helps doctors and students to work together in environmental and health advocacy.

Kim Krenz

A secret World War Two project paved the way for Kim Krenz to come to Edinburgh. While an excess of fun led to his degree being refused initially, the Canadian persevered and graduated with a PhD in 1955.

Sue Djabri

Susan Djabri
Sue Djabri’s involvement in student societies took her to a refugee camp one summer in the 1950s. Since then she has continued to lead an international life and this summer she will return to Edinburgh for Alumni Weekend.

Peter Paterson-Brown

Peter Paterson-Brown
Peter Paterson-Brown’s medical degree flew by in a whirlwind of inspiring teaching, cricket tours, Saturday dances, and daily lunches at the Union.

James Taylor

James Taylor
James Taylor was first in his family to go to university and his medical career has taken him from the Congo, where he had to be evacuated from, back to Edinburgh and finally to Western Australia where he has settled in retirement.

Shelagh McGuire

Shelagh McGuire tells us how she immersed herself in Economics, became a member of numerous societies, met her future husband and began a dynasty of Edinburgh graduates.

Patricia Hiddleston

Patricia Hiddleston
Patricia Hiddleston has spent her professional life working in education and has been honoured by the Institute of Mathematics for life services to maths education.