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2005 - Professor J Fraser Stoddart

Fraser Stoddart received his BSc (1964) and PhD (1966) degrees from the University of Edinburgh.

He was also awarded a DSc degree by the University in 1980 for his research into stereochemistry beyond the molecule.

Professor Stoddart is one of the few chemists of the past 25 years to have created a new field of organic chemistry - namely, one where the mechanical bond is a pre-eminent feature of molecular compounds.

For the period from January 1995 to October 2005, he is ranked by the Institute for Scientific Information as the third most cited chemist.

He is currently on the advisory boards of numerous journals and is a Fellow of the Royal Society (1994), the German Academy of Natural Sciences (1999) and the American Association for the Advancement of Science (2005). Professor Stoddart is director of the CNSI (California NanoSystems Institute) and UCLA (University of California at Los Angeles) and holds the Fred Kavil Chair of NanoSystems Sciences.

Awards and recognition

  • The Carbohydrate Chemistry Award of The Chemical Society (1978)
  • The International Izatt-Christensen Award in Macrocyclic Chemistry (1993)
  • The American Chemical Society‚Äôs Cope Scholar Award (1999)
  • The Nagoya Gold Medal in Organic Chemistry (2004)