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MSF Scientific Days 2017: Abstract Submission

A call for abstracts for oral presentations and posters for the 2017 MSF Scientific Days.

Abstract deadline: Monday February 6, 2017

Submit abstracts HERE

The overall aim of the MSF Scientific Days is to connect audiences – across countries, organisations, and disciplines – to enable critical analysis and debate on medical and innovation evidence underpinning humanitarian operations.   MSF hope to see abstracts on topics including (but not limited to):

  • Community engagement
  • Antimicrobial resistance - including fever diagnostics, surveillance, antibiotic stewardship
  • Effectiveness in Yemen, Syria, and other conflict and conflict-affected settings

** All abstracts submitted will go into a general pool and may be accepted by more than one event unless you state otherwise **

The four events are:

  • MSF Scientific Days Research & Innovation - London, Friday & Saturday, May 19 & 20 May (streamed live online)
  • MSF Scientific Day South Asia - New Delhi, Saturday 27 May (streamed live online)
  • MSF Scientific Day Southern Africa - date and location TBC

Abstract submission

There are separate abstract guidelines for medical research and innovation.  Please follow the correct instructions depending on your abstract. Ethics All MSF abstracts MUST have an ethics statement which has been approved by the responsible Medical Director or Project Owner (in the case of innovation projects). Refer to the respective abstract guidelines for more details on ethics requirements, and links to the relevant ethics frameworks. Non-MSF abstracts should have relevant ethics oversight.

Editorial process - Abstracts will be reviewed by an Editorial Committee that includes members from all MSF sections as well as academia and medical journal editors.

Calling all innovation presenters from MSF Scientific Days 2015 & 2016!

MSF are introducing an extra section for innovation submissions:

“Where are They Now?”

If you gave an oral presentation at the Innovation Days in 2015/2016, please submit an abstract updating what has happened next with your project. This should follow the standard abstract format, but please include at the end of the title: “update from 2015/2016” (as appropriate).


Some funding is available for MSF staff in field projects whose abstracts are accepted for oral presentation at the London events and who might not otherwise be able to obtain a travel budget.


If you would like to discuss research or themes that might be suitable for the day or want advice on writing abstracts, please contact MSF as soon as possible: