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Share your memories of the Pleasance

You probably don't remember the location as the site of two breweries in the 19th century but you probably do remember sports, university societies, exams and the festival.

Share your memories of the Pleasance
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In the next edition of Edit, your alumni magazine, we are putting the spotlight on the Pleasance.

Known to most as an iconic festival venue, the Pleasance site has had a rich and varied history including housing two 19th century breweries, a gymnasium, and a Quaker Meeting Hall and burial ground.

A pleasant history

In 1875 New College, the Free Church of Scotland's training college for ministers, began mission work in the Pleasance and number 48 is listed as the home of the ‘New College Settlement’.

In 1913 the site was purchased by the Pleasance Trust. The aim of the Trust was to help the people of the Pleasance District, both employed and unemployed and to provide recreation for them in congenial surroundings.

The old maltings were transformed into a gymnasium and the kiln altered to accommodate changing rooms.

A new beginning

Pleasance courtyard during the festival.

In the late 1930s ownership passed to the University and it has been the home of sport and societies ever since.

It is now one of the University’s student unions and hosts several venues for live entertainment as well as the Centre for Sport and Exercise.

Share your memories

What are your memories of the Pleasance? Is it all about sports and your university team, or is it an August spent hanging out at the Pleasance Courtyard that sticks in the memory?

Send us your treasured recollections and you could feature in the next edition of Edit magazine.

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