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Were you a member of the music society?

2017 will mark the 150th anniversary of Edinburgh University Music Society (EUMS). In preparation for this landmark year we are looking to reconnect with past society members.


Edinburgh University Music Society (EUMS) is the oldest music society in Scotland, formed in 1867 by Sir Herbert Oakley (later ‘Master of the Queen’s Music’ to Queen Victoria), and is one of the largest student-run societies at the University with over 300 members.

EUMS today

EUMS comprises three ensembles: a 180+ strong Chorus and two full sized symphony orchestras, Sinfonia and Symphony Orchestra, which annually perform at least six concerts in large Edinburgh venues such as St Mary’s Episcopal Cathedral and the McEwan Hall.

All ensembles will perform in the Spring Concert Series in March 2014.

EUMS concert

Musical outreach

Beyond the focus on musical excellence, EUMS is also very proactive with educational and community projects.

This includes close associations with Drake Music Scotland, the Bethany Christian Trust, and our acclaimed education project with local primary children.

Get in touch

If you were a member of EUMS please get in touch and tell us about it.

We’re looking for information on:

  • your years in the society,
  • whether you were an instrument, voice or ensemble member,
  • if you were a committee member,
  • and memorable events and concerts.

Help us create a social history of the society and a worldwide alumni network of past members.