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Meet Elisabeth

Elisabeth is our new intern based in the North American Office. About to start the 4th year of an English Literature degree, she is making the most of her opportunities.

Elisabeth Peterson

Summer internships and international experiences are becoming an increasingly important part of any graduate's C.V.

The University of Edinburgh has provided opportunity and experience for English Literature student Elisabeth Peterson. She is currently employed as a marketing and recruitment summer intern in the new North American Office in New York.

Opportunity knocks

After a very positive internship experience the previous summer at the European Parliament, Elisabeth hoped to find an equally challenging role that would allow her to further develop her marketing and recruitment skills.

Her involvement as a committee member for the Edinburgh University North American Society (EUNAS) combined with part-time jobs in Development and Alumni and the International Office of the University provided great work experience and an understanding of the institution that was essential during the selection process.

A successful Skype interview with Joanna Storrar, Executive Director of the North American Office sealed the deal.

After completing this internship and graduating in 2015, Elisabeth plans to continue to work in communications, public affairs or student recruitment and admissions.

New internships

One of the projects that Elisabeth is excited to be undertaking is setting up new internship opportunities for Edinburgh students in five regions in North America: New York, Boston, San Francisco, Toronto and Washington, DC.

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