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Politics graduate provides knowledge explosion

Alumnus Chris Hobbs talks lo-fi, handmade aesthetics, being inspired by Horrible Histories and why he moved from accountancy to anarchic online teaching.

Chris Hobbs

History Bombs is a brand new online history channel focused on providing factual educational content in an entertaining and engaging format.

Proof of concept

After developing a pilot episode (fittingly all about pilots) in December 2013, founder and politics graduate, Chris Hobbs, is now launching a crowdfunding campaign to raise awareness and funds for the first series of online videos.

Crowdfunding offers the potential to raise both finance and awareness for History Bombs. It’s also about building an initial community of supporters to help spread enthusiasm for the project.

Chris Hobbs

History with the nasty bits left in

With roots in the accessible history pioneered by Horrible Histories, combined with the homemade viral appeal of the OK Go music videos, Chris hopes to push the boundaries of digital learning and develop an educational product that provides workshops and live performances, alongside the video content.

Film star potential

This isn’t the first time Chris has delved into the world of filmmaking. Whilst at Edinburgh he found time to pursue his extra curricular passion by working on everything from a documentary on homelessness in the city, to Harry Cole‘s student president campaign videos.

From accountancy to enlightenment

After qualifying as a chartered accountant in 2013, Chris spent four months working as a teacher at a school in a deprived area of Colombia, South America.

It was this experience that brought various threads together and the spark that ignited History Bombs.

Teaching in Colombia was incredibly challenging and a truly eye-opening experience. Despite the challenges, I really enjoyed the teaching aspect and in essence History Bombs has been born out of a desire to combine teaching with my passion for filmmaking.

Chris Hobbs

Capitalising on creative talent

History Bombs is also about recognising creative talent and Chris hopes that the new venture will also prove to be a valuable platform for young British actors and filmmakers to showcase their talents.

Find out more

You can find out more about the project including information regarding how you can support it financially, or add your talents to the creative pool, by visiting the website.

Visit the History Bombs website