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An illustrated history

Teviot Row House, the popular social centre of the student union, will be celebrating its 125th anniversary in 2014 and we are looking for your visual memories of the building to be part of a birthday exhibition.

Teviot Row House

Opened in 1889, Teviot Row House is the oldest purpose-built student union in the world.

It was commissioned by the, then recently established, Student’s Representative Council, and financed via a student fundraising campaign that included proceeds from the sale of The New Amphion, an anthology contributed to by authors including Robert Browning, Andrew Lang, Margaret Oliphant, and Robert Louis Stevenson.

Your memories

Last year we asked for your memories of the building and received everything from recollections regarding the futuristic architecture of the dining room and various culinary highlights, to watching TV pictures from the Moon landings.

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Photographs and memorabilia

As part of the 125 year celebrations we would like to put together an exhibition of photographs and other visual memories of Teviot Row House.

Do you have images of the student union that you are able to share with us? Perhaps you have tickets, posters or flyers from events and celebrations?

If you do, please send them to the alumni office and help create an illustrated history of this iconic university venue.

Free alumni t-shirt

We realise that hunting out photographs can be a time consuming activity and so, as a small thank you for your efforts, all submissions that are used in the exhibition will receive an alumni t-shirt.

Contact details

Please send your photos electronically to the email address below. Alternatively you can send images and memorabilia by post.

Please indicate if you would like images or other articles returned.

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