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Small contributions making a big impact

Innovative Initiative Grants (IIGs) are funded directly and solely by alumni donations and they are making a big difference to projects at the University.

Small contributions

Innovation Initiative Grants (IIGs) are alumni funded contributions for innovative ideas. These grants are awarded to staff, students, clubs and societies for innovations in teaching, research and other student lead initiatives.

These modest start-up funds mean big ideas can get off the ground.

To date, IIGs have aided international development, created sustainable living initiatives, cared for the environment, developed community projects and improved the student experience.

IIGs in numbers

Since 2010, the number of applications has grown from 70 in 2010, to over 300 in 2013.

Applications are open for six weeks twice a year and, since the fund was established over 20 years ago, we have received applications from all 20 Schools across the three different Colleges - Science and Engineering, Humanities and Social Sciences and Medicine and Veterinary Medicine.

Project Endymion

Project Endymion

In October 2012, Informatics student Riaz Moola, decided he wanted to help schools in his home country of South Africa. The initiative was called Project Endymion and aimed to introduce computers to rural and disadvantaged communities, with the view to improve education in science, maths, IT and literacy.

Riaz was awarded the maximum grant amount of £5000 for the purchase of software and computer parts. He was able to use his Computer Science knowledge, gained whilst studying Informatics at Edinburgh, to modify the existing software, and enabled him to run the educational software in the rural schools.




Since receiving the grant, we have grown from a small team of undergraduates to custodians of the first South African Massive Open Online Course, which supports thousands of learners from 13 tertiary institutions, high schools, and industry.

Riaz MoolaInformatics Student and IIG beneficiary

Support innovative ideas

You can support initiatives like Project Endymion by donating to the Edinburgh Fund. Donate online by following the link below.

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