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Cycling into the record books

Euan Hunter, who has just finished his masters in Mechanical Engineering with Business, is delaying his graduation to concentrate on a stateside world record attempt.

Euan Hunter

Euan, with support from fellow Edinburgh graduands Duane Walker, Iain Skinner and Kenneth Errington, is attempting to break the world record for cycling through all 48 mainland states of the USA.

Testing physical limits

This 6,850 mile challenge is the equivalent of cycling the Tour de France three times and has an elevation gain equivalent to 5 and a half Everest ascents.

Given the distances involved it was surprising to hear that Euan is not really a serious cyclist. He was a diver and a go kart racer as a child and whilst at Edinburgh, a keen trampolinist.

He does, however, love a challenge and, aged just 17 and inspired by Mark Beaumont’s world record breaking cycle across the world, rode from Vancouver to Halifax in Canada, a total of 3,850 miles.

Meals via wheels

As with the previous Canadian cycle challenge, Euan is raising money and awareness for Mary's Meals, a Scottish based charity providing meals for school children in some of the world’s poorest communities.

It is a charity close to his heart and he has worked with Mary’s Meals representatives at the University and at the branch in New York to help maximise his fundraising efforts.

Euan Hunter

Trace his tire tracks

You can follow Euan’s progress online by visiting the 48 State Cycle website which includes a daily blog and a real time route map.

There is also a Twitter feed with updates, images and the occasional glimpse of Euan's hard working mileometer.

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What next?

Aside from the time needed to regain feeling in his hands and other saddle related areas, Euan’s plans include attending his graduation ceremony and applying for jobs relating to his degree.

If there are any openings for an entrepreneurial business-orientated engineer and occasional cyclist, then Euan might well be the man for the job.