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Thank you for the memories

We had a fantastic range of entries for our graduation memories competition. Everything from name skipping during the ceremony to wearing a white silk dress made from a parachute under the robes.

Graduation July 1968

After much discussion and deliberation, we decided on 3 winning entries that really capture the feelings of pride and achievement that come with graduating from the University of Edinburgh.

Congratulations to Breda Sheridan, Nina Greenoak and Don Grocott, who are now the prowd owners of Edinburgh University hooded sweatshirts (the natural extension to the hooded graduation gown, perhaps?).

Extracts from the winning memories

We like the simplicity of the moment in this memory from Breda Sheridan. Occasionally the ritual and the ceremony provide a moment of perfect clarity:

I am a mature graduate and know that my mum has never said that she was proud of me in my life, but as I stood up for my turn, I looked over to where my mum was seated and I saw the proudest face that any mother could have.

Breda Sheridan

This memory from Nina Greenoak made us chuckle, and then reflect on how sometimes mistakes can lead to better and more meaningful outcomes.

Turns out my mum had pressed the 'video' button instead of the 'click'; so we have a series of unexpected, impromptu, amateur 'videos' of my graduation to complement the traditional photos!

Nina Greenoak (nee Mascarenhas)

Finally, to this tale of a friendly photograper. This memory from Don Grocott is made even more special by the fact that the photo still exists and that he sent it to us, along with the telegram he received on the 6th June 1967 containing his exam results.

Don Grocott

I was unaccompanied in the McEwan Hall save for my university friends. Quite by chance a man unknown to me, George Peters who was a work colleague of my father's, was at that graduation ceremony to support his daughter. He heard my name called and took a photograph from the floor.

Don Grocott

We had some wonderful entries and we would like to thank everyone who took the time to email us and share moments and experiences, good and bad.

Image gallery

We would particularly like to thank those alumni who searched through dusty boxes and found the images to illustrate the memories. We have popped our favourites in this gallery. Please click the link below to view.

Graduation memories gallery (Facebook)

Keep sending your memories

Just because the competition is over doesn't mean that you should stop sending in your graduation memories and photos.

We would love to hear from you and feature your story on our Alumni Services website.

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