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Teviot Row House continues to provide alumni memories

What are your memories of using Teviot Row House? With the castle-like building now available for use as a wedding venue, we have been asking alumni to share their own special moments spent there.

Teviot Row House


Not surprisingly, many of your memories have centred on Teviot as the best place to wind down after a day of studying:


I remember standing with friends waiting in the lunchtime queues which stretched down the stairs. Food was good and affordable. If you were lucky on a Saturday night you got one of the window seats in the bar. I liked the cosiness of the Teviot Library and the closeness to food and drink! Happy memories.

Keeping the top floor debating hall open till 2am with a group of friends because the DJ liked us, the great middle bar, and the countless hours in the Sportsman bar playing pool and arcade games.

The dining room was brilliant – waitress service for 20p extra! The salad bar area had some very futuristic architecture. I had flash backs to the game area just the other day when I tried to download Space Invaders to my iPad. And haggis and chips for 30p was hard to beat.

Sundays for the roast lunch with heaped plates, and Friday nights for the chats, chat-ups, drinking and dancing.

The quick couple of pints between the two CS1 lectures on a Thursday afternoon in Appleton Tower.

The soporific effect the pints occasionally had…

Watching the World

Many of our alumni went to Teviot to watch significant world events unfold:

In 2008 as a postgrad I watched the US election there with friends, staying up to see Obama win!

My main memories are a pint of heavy for a bob, superb spag bol and TV pictures from the Moon landings

Queuing for lunchtime pizza one day and watching the USA bombing of Libya on the TV

Watching the news feeds about the death of Princess Diana with a group of shocked American friends

Getting together

Alumni have also been remembering more romantic moments:

In 2010 we had the evening reception of our wedding there which I think tops everything!

The best thing about Teviot was meeting my husband at the Edinburgh University Labour Students' Christmas dinner in 2001. I loved Teviot - it was a brilliant students' union!


Could Teviot be the the perfect setting for your big day? The grand Debating Hall, the stylish Loft Bar, the classical Dining Room and the laid-back New Amphion are all available for hire.

Weddings at Teviot

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