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A Phonecall Down Memory Lane

What do you remember about your time at Edinburgh? A team of current Edinburgh students have been on the phones over the past 6 weeks, speaking to our alumni, and this is what you told us.

Student callers

 Your memories


The students loved hearing all your recollections of days gone by. It seems as if the student experience has evolved but not really changed.

As a Scottish dancer, I got to dance at two Tattoos when I was at Edinburgh. Even now, when I watch it on the TV it gives me shivers.

Our students especially enjoyed hearing tales of the high-jinx you got up to during your studies.

I’m not sure I can forget the time a naked photo of me appeared on the front cover of the Student!

As you might imagine, stories of romance featured large in your recollections.

Proposing to my then girlfriend on Arthur’s Seat is a pretty special memory

Today’s students also enjoyed hearing how the University had changed through the decades.

In the 1940s there was a 10pm curfew on all University accommodation.

Student bursaries

Memory post it

As well as hearing the wonderful stories of graduates, the team of student callers have been raising money for student bursaries. Many hundreds of you have supported the fund - so thank you to everyone who has made a gift.

One graduate told us why he had decided to make a gift to the bursary fund.






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Thank you

Thank you to everyone who shared their stories or supported the fund. To learn more about the Principal’s Bursary Fund and how you can make a donation please visit our website.

Principal’s Bursary Fund Website

Share your memories

We also have a Pinterest board so you can share memories of the University of Edinburgh online. It currently contains some fantastic snippets of life, love and experience.

Please email us your post-it memory so we can add it to the board.