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Olympic Legacy

The remarkable performance by our Edinburgh alumni at this year’s Olympic Games is a testament to the University’s commitment to nurturing young athletes on their sporting and academic journeys.

Sport at the University of Edinburgh

The Eric Liddell High Performance Sports Scholarships are our contribution to continuing this vision and commitment. As all eyes now focus on the forthcoming Commonwealth Games in 2014 and beyond to Rio 2016 we do hope that you can show your commitment by helping our young athletes achieve their sporting ambitions.

Edinburgh's sporting pedigree

The University has a long and illustrious Olympic history starting in 1924, with the gold medal won by Eric Liddell, one of our greatest Olympic heroes. Since then, Sir Chris Hoy has added six golds and one silver to this tally, and Katherine Grainger achieved her dream in London by winning her first gold medal in front of a home crowd, helping Team GB to its best performance since 1908.

Achieving sporting potential

At the University our sports facilities and support programmes have developed greatly over recent years, and we are even more fortunate to have so many truly talented students who are committed to developing their sporting potential on behalf of the University. This is a unique time for sport as we remember the successes of London 2012. With the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games just around the corner, we now want to ensure that every student athlete be given the opportunity to achieve their full sporting potential.

As sport increasingly professionalises so too does the pressure in time and costs to those wishing to compete at the highest level. This places a tremendous burden on our student athletes who have the potential to attain sporting success. In memory of one of our sporting greats and with the support of Sir Chris Hoy and Dr Katherine Grainger, we have created the Eric Liddell High Performance Sports Scholarships to support our talented students in attaining their sporting ambitions.

We need your support

The Eric Liddell High Performance Scholarship Fund has been established to support our leading student athletes so that they can train at the highest level, fulfil their potential and represent their country no matter what their individual financial circumstances.

Early response to the launch of this fund has been very positive and we look forward to continued success for future generations of Edinburgh students and alumni. With support from our alumni, you can help us make this vision a reality.

To make a donation to The Eric Liddell High Performance Scholarships, or to find out more, please visit here:

The Eric Liddell High Performance Scholarship Fund