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Attracting the Brightest and Best

On Monday 26th November we welcomed the University of Edinburgh Lloyds Scholars at a reception held in Old College. It was an opportunity to talk to the students about the programme, and learn more about their hopes and ambitions as they begin their university life with us.

Edinburgh Lloyds Scholars

Katie Taylor, who is studying Economics and Politics, has just made the move from rural East Yorkshire and was initially daunted by the prospect of city living - despite a love of its history and culture.




It's a world away from back home in the rural countryside but the city along with the university community made it feel welcoming and friendly.

Katie Taylor

Katie is able to pursue her studies because of the financial backing offered by the Lloyds scheme. It is an opportunity to make the most out of university life without worrying too much about financial pressures. It is a sentiment echoed by Christina Robertson, who is hoping to make a potentially great university experience a fantastic one.

The financial stability combined with the fantastic opportunity of two internships within Lloyds will allow me to pursue all the activities I would like to without worrying about finances or debt.

Christina Robertson

The internships are just one part of a package of support from Lloyds that also includes financial support of up to £19,000, a mentor from the Lloyds Banking Group, a peer buddy who has gone through the company’s existing graduate scheme, and a wealth of volunteer opportunities.

It is this aspect of the scheme that especially appeals to Tim Pemberton who has already signed up to support the work of a local disability charity.

I will start work soon as a befriender for Leonard Cheshire Disability and, while this is a slightly daunting prospect, it is one that I am excited about. My life in Edinburgh would be completely different without Lloyds.

Tim Pemberton

15 Lloyds Scholarships have been awarded to students commencing an undergraduate degree at the University of Edinburgh this year. It is a programme that will help ensure that Edinburgh continues to attract the brightest and best minds in the country - regardless of background or financial ability.

We believe in the power of education as a means of reducing social inequalities and promoting the development and prosperity of society. This is one of the key drivers behind the Lloyds Scholars programme.

Richard CooperHead of the Lloyds Banking Group Universities Programme