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Calling all Female Chemists

As Edinburgh’s School of Chemistry approaches its tercentenary, it is clear that women now play a particularly important role in the School’s research.

Women in Chemistry

A new project, led by Professor Polly Arnold, seeks to quantify that success, and identify how women in Chemistry at the University of Edinburgh have been, and will continue to be, role-models to scientists of all genders.


The School of Chemistry at Edinburgh has an unusually high number of female faculty. Of academic and research staff 21% are female including 18% of professors.

Further, the current and previous Heads of School, Professor Eleanor Campbell and Professor Lesley Yellowlees, are both alumnae of the department.

It appears the barrier to academic success for female graduates is lower than elsewhere in the UK.

Calling all Female Chemists

Professor Polly Arnold wants to hear from you as part of this research project.

  • What are your success stories?
  • Why are our chemistry alumnae more numerous than elsewhere?

If you are interested in sharing your experiences and insight then please get in touch with the School of Chemistry via the email address below.

Chemistry Tercentenary

In 2013 the School will be celebrating its 300th anniversary, with The University of Edinburgh having established the first Chair of Chemistry in 1713 (held by James Crawford).

To celebrate, the School will be holding a series of events in 2013. We are particularly keen to invite our students, alumni and friends to come and take part.