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The Edinburgh Campaign Explained

A visionary project, The Edinburgh Campaign sought to raise £350 million to transform the University and the many lives on which it has an impact.

Building on greatness

This goal has been achieved and, as a result, teaching spaces and libraries have been redesigned, life-changing research has been made possible, our cultural understanding of other nations has been enhanced, and our investment in student support has ensured that Edinburgh continues to attract the brightest minds - regardless of background or financial ability.

Support for the Campaign has come from individuals, alumni, funding councils, major trusts and foundations, corporations, government and research charities.

Impact and Legacy

To explain the impact and legacy of the Campaign we have selected twelve very different stories of how contributions - whether intellectual, financial or cultural, have contibuted to its success.

Student Support


We also created 12 infographics to further explain the twelve stories and to provide either the bigger picture, or a little additional insight and detail.

The infographics can be viewed in the gallery below or by visiting the Edinburgh 350 website.

Anne Rowling Regenerative Neurology Clinic
Old College
KB Library
Student support