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Are you an Anthropology Alumnus?

We are a team of post- and undergraduates who work on the anthropological journal 'The Unfamiliar'. The journal aims to make anthropology more easily accessible to readers who are not necessarily anthropologists by profession.

The Unfamiliar

We publish a variety of submissions spanning from ‘standard’ essays, field work experiences, creative works, visual anthropology to parallel essays and book reviews that show that anthropology is not only a fascinating discipline, but one with continued relevance in the modern world.

Since the journal was founded in 2009, we have moved from a limited print to an open access online (OJS) version.

However, reaching a larger audience does not mean lowering the quality of our journal’s content, and we are currently in the process of creating a greater pool of peer reviewers.

Become a peer reviewer

If you are interested in staying connected to the University of Edinburgh by way of supporting this exciting journal, please join us as one of our peer reviewers.

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Please visit our website or send us an email if you require more information.