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Making the most of alumni knowledge and experience

Bruce Alexander, director of a company developing novel insect control methods, and Kathy Speirs, project manager and film producer, are two of a dozen alumni who helped develop the university's new online distance learning postgraduate certificate in Global Environment Challenges.

Bruce Alexander

About the MSc Programme in Global Challenges

The MSc in Global Challenges is a modular programme of study delivered completely through online distance learning that equips students with the knowledge and analytical tools to make a contribution to a more equitable and just future. The courses examine diverse contemporary global debates and issues that cut across the traditions of science, medicine and the social sciences.

Invaluable alumni participation

The variety of texts and plethora of videos was really wide-ranging and really made the course feel really comprehensive and has for me, stimulated further interest in the subjects discussed

Kathy SpeirsProducer and Project Manage

To help us develop this innovative new programme we invited alumni of the University to take part in a pilot. We selected participants to reflect the mix of people we have designed the course for: not only recent graduates but also established professionals in NGOs and the private sector.

Their involvement has confirmed that our objectives and approach are very much on the right lines, and have provided invaluable feedback that will inform the final development of the programme.


Further information

To find out more about the the MSc Programme in Global Challenges please visit their website.

MSc in Global Challenges

Your chance to get involved and improve your professional participatory practice


Next year sees the university launch a new course, Community Participation in Professional Practice. It could help you make the most of new opportunities in this emerging area, or solve problems in your current place of work, using techniques that engage and involve people.





During fifteen years working in this area, I have noticed that many professionals are increasingly being asked to undertake participation or engagement activities - for example to demonstrate value for money. This course will be filling this gap in training provision with a combination of intensive workshops and distance learning to allow professionals to apply participatory principles in the design of all sorts of services and processes.

Tom WakefordProgramme Director

We need your help

Tom is running the course for post-graduates and as a short-course open to all. He is looking for a handful of alumni to help him pilot course materials during the autumn, in return for one day's professional coaching in this area.

Contact details

If you are interested in getting involved or would like further information please contact Tom directly.

Tom Wakeford