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The O'Shea Global Scholars Initiative aims to help the best and brightest students from Scotland, the rest of the UK and the wider world benefit from an Edinburgh education, on campus or remotely, through generous scholarship support.

Undergraduate scholarships for UK students

For many young people across the UK, university feels completely out of reach. No-one in their family has ever been able to afford to go and worries of spending thousands of pounds each year without earning is daunting. The University of Edinburgh has a proud tradition of supporting students from low-income backgrounds. To ensure this support is continued, we must build a comprehensive scholarships programme to attract the brightest and best – regardless of their financial circumstances.  The University of Edinburgh is the only university in the UK providing this level of scholarship support to UK students from the lowest household incomes. But we can only do this with your help.

Our case study below shows how a scholarship can change a young student’s life. 

Carmen, History student

It’s wonderful studying History and living in a city like Edinburgh. Just walking around, up the Royal Mile and down Victoria Street to the Grassmarket, you can feel history here.

I studied hard at school. My mum even worked more hours to pay for extra tuition so I got the grades for university. I did everything I could. But that still wasn’t enough. Hardly anyone goes to university where I’m from. It doesn’t seem like an option. There was no way we could afford the daunting cost of rent, let alone bills, food, study materials and travel.

When I found out I had funding, it was the best day of my life. I knew then that my life would change. I’m now able to study at this world-renowned university without having to constantly worry about money.

My scholarship means I don’t need a full-time job on top of my studies to help pay for my rent and bills. Instead I can work as hard as I can and make the most of everything the University of Edinburgh has to offer. I’m helping to run the History Society committee, volunteering at the archives and gaining valuable experience in my part-time job at a museum.

Donors' generosity will literally change lives. I've met and made friends with people from backgrounds totally different to my own. I’m so proud to be a student at the University of Edinburgh. It’s the best place in the world for me right now.

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Online distance learning

With donor support, the most promising students from around the world can study at the University of Edinburgh, without uprooting their lives and leaving their families. Online distance learning has the potential to be a radical force for good. Think of the parent who can’t afford to stop working to pursue further education. Or the student who cares for their family and can’t be far from them. An online Masters’ degree provides them with a tool to increase career opportunities and help their family for generations to come.

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Masters scholarships

Our Masters Scholarships programme will provide a crucial opportunity for students, who never thought they could afford to continue their studies, access the world-class education available at Edinburgh University. These scholarships will mean that students from Scotland, the rest of the UK and overseas will be able to come to Edinburgh, making campus life truly global.

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