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You can help give students an international experience, enhancing their learning and career prospects.

Our short-term international experiences give our students the resilience, cultural sensitivity, language skills and drive to take on the world. Whether for an internship, a conference or cultural experience, you can support students wishing to gain a deeper understanding of the wider world and help them become truly global citizens.

Research from the British Council and Association of Graduate Recruiters shows that employers prioritise the ability to work collaboratively with people from diverse backgrounds in young graduates. With a gift today, you can help students gain these skills through an international experiences. 

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Lydia Stoddart, third-year history student

I definitely want to work internationally in the future and teaching is a career that I now feel can take me anywhere, thanks to this experience. 

I worked at a central study camp in Uganda with the charity Ashinaga for three months teaching students who want to go to University. I was there to help fill in the gaps between what they had learned at school and what they would need for university, so my role was as a mentor and a teacher.

I learned how to work hard, but take more of a relaxed approach to life, as things never are ‘just so’ - I realised that it’s enthusiasm, trying hard and engaging with people which goes a long way.

It’s an experience that has shaped my life unlike any other: I am now going to train to be a teacher after I graduate and I’m currently writing my dissertation on the education system in Uganda in 1963! I would never have chosen that topic if I hadn’t had the opportunity to go out there. I even managed to find some amazing primary sources from a local village whilst I was there.