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Top Tips: Confidence

Graduates working in the fields of Science Communication, Professional Services and Charitable sector share their top tips around confidence in the workplace.

Name Paz García Daniel Boero Vargas Carolina O’Neill de Sousa e Sa
Degree Course MSc Science Communication and Public Engagement MA (Hons) French and Politics

BSc Applied Sport Science

MSc Sport Policy, Management and International Development

Year of Graduation 2017 2017 2018

Paz Garcia, Engagement and Communications Manager in the Department of Twin Research and Genetic Epidemiology at King’s College London:

“In my experience, it’s definitely true that fortune favours the bold – it’s important to just go for it and apply for roles that you think you would be great for, or to suggest creative, innovative projects at work. The worst that can possibly happen is that they say ‘no’, but actually in many cases they’ll say ‘yes’’.

Daniel Boero Vargas, Deloitte:

“Don’t feel that a lack of technical expertise should prevent you from applying to technical entry-level jobs. The transferable skills you gain from a humanities degree give you an advantage in certain areas, and many employers help you train on the job in specialist subjects”.

Carolina Sousa e Sa, Project Officer (Communities) at LEAP Sports Scotland:

“Say yes to everything, even if you think they’re situations in which you’ll be forced outside of your comfort zone – this will usually help to build your confidence and allow you to expand your professional network”.