Alumni Services


Hear from our recent graduates about their experiences of the world of work.

Career Journeys: working in Sales

Recent graduate Alfie Norris shares how he kickstarted his career in Sales and his advice for success.

Career Journeys: working in Biotechnology

A photo of Amritha Kharidehal.
Amritha Kharidehal shares how a placement during her MSc in Biotechnology has impacted her career in the sector.

Top Tips: planning your future

Graduates working in an array of fields share their top tips for planning your future career.

Career Journeys: working in Recruitment

A photo of Francesca Christophersen
From being Head Coach for a swim team to working in recruitment, here Francesca Christophersen shares her career journey after studying Applied Sport Science.

Career Journeys: working at a conservation charity

A photo of Nina Seale
Nina Seale works in communications and fundraising at a London-based international wildlife conservation charity. Here she shares what the role entails and tips for working in the sector.

Where We Are Now: after studying Human Rights

Photos of Courtney McCausland, Carlos Guillermo Leon Rodriguez and Nadya Noor Azalia
From working to eliminate violence against women in Mexico, representing immigrants in American immigration courts and the precision of legal translation. Here 3 graduates of Human Rights share their stories of life after graduation.

Career Journeys: working in data science at a patent analytics firm

A photo of Chee Yee Lim
Chee Yee Lim shares how the skills from a Genetics degree are used working in data science at a patent analytics firm, as well as what the job entails.

Career Journeys: working as a freelance Science Writer

A photo of Calum Turner
From interning at the European Southern Observatory to attending the International Space University, Calum Turner shares his career path since graduation and his current work as a freelance Science Writer.

Career Journeys: working as a Trainee Patent Attorney

Picture of Catriona Edwards
After studying Genetics, Catriona Edwards now works as a Trainee Patent Attorney. Here she shares how she uses her scientific skills in her work as well as her advice for working in this sector.

Career Journeys: working as a Social Welfare Paralegal

Picture of Jeremy Ogilvie-Harris
From criticising Creon in Sophocles’ Antigone to developing expertise in social securities, housing and public law, here Jeremy Ogilvie-Harris shares his journey from studying Classics to becoming a Social Welfare Paralegal.

Career Journeys: working as a Scientist

A photo of Réka Nagy
Réka Nagy works as a Scientist working to develop new ways to analyse large genetic datasets. Here she shares her career journey and how communication is key.

Career Journeys: working in the Culture and Heritage sector

Rebecca Leary works in communications at Edinburgh World Heritage. Here she shares her career journey of working in the culture and heritage sector.

Where We Are Now: working in Science Communication

From finding new ways of explaining centuries-old concepts to public engagement events and twin research, 3 graduates discuss the working world of Science Communication in India, Canada and the UK.

Top Tips: Confidence

Graduates working in the fields of Science Communication, Professional Services and Charitable sector share their top tips around confidence in the workplace.

Career Journeys: balancing three varied roles

From working in the charity sector to managing sustainable development goals and freelance interpretation and translation, here Simen shares his path since graduation and his current work at EPIC Assist Charity Scotland, UN House Scotland and as a freelance Interpreter and Translator.