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Edinburgh Snap Reunion

Edinburgh Snap Reunion is a moment. A moment to celebrate, to reflect and to share using just a single photo. Each year has a different theme. A different way of recognising and celebrating the many ways in which we are all connected. Which person, pet - or object - has been your Covid Companion?

Edinburgh Snap Reunion 2021

Edinburgh Snap Reunion 2021

This year’s Snap Reunion is about not being alone. This past year we have all drawn strength from companionship, compassion and community in a myriad of ways.

Our Covid Companions are our families, friends and neighbours, but they are also our pets, our plants, our radios, our mobile phones and our online groups.

Snap Reunion: Covid Companions celebrates the connections that have sustained us. The hugs, the words, the voices and the faces.

What is a Snap Reunion?

A Snap Reunion is a virtual gathering. A tapestry of images and captions that we share across our websites and social media channels. It is an online crowd at a time when we are avoiding the offline variety. It started in Summer 2020 when we shared photos of ourselves using our graduation decade to bind us. It was positive, hopeful and reflective. A highlight of an otherwise difficult year. So we decided to do it again.

When is Edinburgh Snap Reunion 2021?

Start date
Monday 5 July 2021
End date
Friday 9 July 2021

How can I get involved?

Post a picture of yourself with your Covid Companion on social media and tag a pal.

Option 1: Ahead of the game

  • Send us a photograph of you and your Covid Companion along with a sentence or two explaining your choice.
  • We will pop the photo into the Snap Reunion frame and on the morning of July 5th, we will send you an email containing two images for you to share on your social media channels.
  • Remember to add the hashtags #MyCovidCompanion and #EdinburghSnapReunion2021 and tag a pal.
  • You will also be part of our visual tapestry as we will be sharing images ourselves throughout the week.
  • You can send the photo to or DM us on Twitter @EdinburghAlumni or Instagram @edalumni

 Send your Edinburgh Snap Reunion photo to the alumni team

Option 2: Spontaneous fun

  • Follow your preferred Edinburgh Alumni social media channel - Facebook - Instagram - Twitter - LinkedIn
  • Join us from Monday 5 July 2021 and post your photo online either to our Snap Reunion Facebook thread or via Twitter or Instagram using the hastags #MyCovidCompanion and #EdinburghSnapReunion2021 along with a sentence or two explaining your choice.
  • Remember to tag a pal and get your friends and former classmates involved.

Tag a pal

We want to generate the biggest online crowd that we can and we need your help.

When you post your Covid Companion be sure to tag a pal. Maybe someone who you reconnected with over lockdown or maybe someone who you haven't looked up in a while. The more stories we can tell, the more we can better understand how people made it through this past year.


This is how things will look online if you send us your image in advance.

Snap Reunion 2021 examples


If you'd like to send us your photo and information in advance, please note that these may be be published on the University of Edinburgh website and social media channels or in electronic newsletters. You can withdraw your consent at any time.

The receipt of your email containing your photo and information confirms that you give your consent for the above. If your Covid Companion is another person, receipt of your email also confirms their consent for the photo to be published on our website, social media channels and electronic newsletters.

See our full privacy notice

Thank you

We know that sharing photos isn't really a reunion and we are looking forward to gathering on campus once again. In the meantime, sharing our companions offers something different that links us in a way that feels right at the moment. We hope that you can join us.